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Frage von nille85:


I plan to buy a Canon HF 200 camcorder for recording of lectures. The accessories I have so far synonymous together.

Only the microphone is still missing.
The camcorder has a microphone input 3,5 mm jack.
The lecturer should wear a wireless headset or lapel microphone.

Can anyone recommend equipment in this direction, the base station provides an output to 3.5 mm jack? Have been synonymous for a long search found nothing suitable.



Antwort von TomStg:

eg there is this


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Saublöde question but the speaker has not sowiso a microphone for the acoustic room? Then it would be your second ....

In this case, possibly synonymous to purchase equipment for the connection with such facilities: DI-Box for the segregation room facilities, video equipment. Input transformer to implement a balanced signal to unbalanced, microphone cable.

Or alternatively an instrument channel, so you can go s.die room facility and send the sound wirelessly s.den camera receiver (Just buy one and alerts will hope that the room have the same system and make the same Freauentband is rather risky .... )


Antwort von nille85:

No room is a facility does not exist. The lectures are held in small scale 10-20 participants.
It will be the presenter filmed, and offers something with better sound than the standard micro of the action.


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