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Audioaufnahme auf 2 Kanälen ?

Audio recording on 2 channels?

Frage von Alex.A:
September 2007


my project: Shooting of Event with 2-channel audio recording:
1. Channel: built Cammicro (stereo)
2. Channel: feeding on the live tape, transfer on the radio s.die Cam

Default: Both channels should be simultaneously and separately at DV editing but synchronously available.

Advantages: Choice of the better sound level at the intersection
Available Equipment: SonyVX2100

Question 1: As the SonyVX2100 does not offer this functionality (simultaneous recording of 2 channels), I would like to know whether this is achievable by other means would be? (the 2nd channel is not permanently recorded, but only when recording)

Question 2: Maybe. is a switch to a HDV Camera planned. Cameras are already involved in these functions from the factory to offer? Some cameras offer yes 2 XLR - audio inputs, recording the same time as synonymous separated list?

For all the answers in advance, thank you.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The cameras can only 2 mono (= 1 stereo) at a time. With the corners of a sett plug into the audio - in jack is usually the Microphone eingbaute off. So you can only either use the built-in Micro or external sound sources.

Since the inputs are often designed for microphones, is the connection of a line-level source (mixer) SOWISO critical. In manual Ausseuerung must be extremely weaken, alternatively, one could with an approximately 20 dB attenuator (for example: in a DI box), the line-level microphone signal to bring.

For your projects, I would host an additional external possibility. Eligible for a simple hi-fi VHS recorder or a DV - DVD or HDD recorder. (The Picture of the Camera-restore is used only for synchronization). With a little Fummelei is synonymous the soundcard of a PC / laptop for recording use (please immediately with 48 kHz sampling). One must, on average "only" Picture and sound synchronously bring. This is so with some practice, better is a gossip, whistle or similar distinctive audible (for pure sound recording) signal, or a flash (if the picture is recorded with wird9:

Then you have two Stereokanläe available. The Kaameraton not only serves as a reserve, but synonymous for Atmo (clapping, whistling, heckling, etc.), while the other one so Aufnahegerät of environmental noises spared sound, as from the mixer off.

Antwort von younes:

Thanks for the reply,

But that is precisely what I would like to avoid that the second channel with the s.Ende Picture must be synchronized.

Which systems should I do fall back, so stereo sound channels both directly with the Picture synchronously to the tape come from?

Antwort von robbie:

again. you can not 2 stereo channels with a 2-channel Camera record, but only 2 MONO - signals.

Your options:

1) a (professional) Camera with 2 XLR inputs ausborgen. The you can switch between mic / line switch. synonymous then you have 2x mono.

2) with an external multichannel - Recorder records, and possibly with a (professional) Camera TC-pair. Then you can usually synonymous channels 4-8 record.

3) a (yet professional) Camera ausborgen giving you 4 internal channels in full 16bit - Biete resolution. Then you have 4x = 2x mono stereo.

4) use your camera and the two additional Line - signals from the mixer to an external 2-channel recorders record (MD, DAT ,...) then you can tape your obviously not an AND willkührlich heidiho off, but it is the simplicity halfway through ...

Antwort von Alex.A:

Could you sent me a few example cameras, which under section 3 would fall? (preferred Sonybzw. Canon)

Antwort von robbie:

are you sure?
Daily hire fee * from * 400 ¬, and an appropriate square cut you need synonymous.

Canon cameras such has not.


to the current flagship to mention ...

Antwort von Alex.A:

puuuuuh ...

these are real flagship. Had hoped for an HDV cam to get with the requirements described (pain limit ¬ 5,000) ...

S.die had thought SonyPD-170 (twin of the VX2100 for progressive mode with 2 XLR inputs)

Antwort von thos-berlin:

But that is precisely what I would like to avoid that the second channel with the s.Ende Picture must be synchronized.

This is not really a problem if you have only the sound mix (1 x sync) and then the clip cuts. Other way around, it will be critical, because after every picture you cut the sound re-synchronize with it.

I did (as an amateur) synonymous Twice already must (1 hours per season) and there were really no problems. The only catch was that I use the audio part to a small factor of routes (or shortening) had. This is with my audio program have been possible without problems and was absolutely not audible.

Of course it is easier with professional Digi-Betas or the like incorporated. But for this you need besides the Mitpreis Camera synonymous for the necessary infrastructure (appropriate cut square) organize.

Antwort von Alex.A:

The problem is that I use the tape is not completely continuous film, and then I would have stopped it after each re-synchronize. (

What does that mean in the PD-170 from ... XLR, the two channels are separated or are mixed into a stereo signal on the tape is written?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Alex.A" wrote:
... ... SonyPD-170 twin for the VX2100 progressive mode ...

The progressive mode of the PD170 is the same as the VX2100 and just so useless. But you could be in your project may be in the best sound quality and renounce 12bit/32kHz with you instead of the usual 16bit/48kHz satisfied? If I remember correctly, the Canon XL series with this audio setting four channels, two stereo signals at the same time.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von younes:

"robbie" wrote:

Canon cameras such has not.

but the canon h1 (HDV cam).
gruß cj

Antwort von derpianoman:

"Anonymous" wrote:
... But that is precisely what I would like to avoid that the second channel with the s.Ende Picture must be synchronized ...

That's no problem! Even if the signal from the console
different than the signal of a room mics, so you
still both "pine trees" on the audio track
synchronously nice draw.
Perhaps this is not "according to Book" or "State of the Art", which is likely
Probably a time code, but it works.

LG Klaus

Antwort von robbie:

yes, nice if any HDV - cam has 4 channels. but they can be forgotten, because then most any mp3 - moderately compressed. Also come back until the usual problems with mic / line - this level ...

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Alex,

alternatively you could synonymous camcorder up two: one is the sound of the microphone on its own (but only Atmo-quality) and the other receives preferred playback via the XLR from the mixer. As can be s.Camcorders then synonymous according to the level set, ie whether the playback in microphone or line-strength takes place. For the subsequent sync, you then added the Picture.

This approach is perhaps even less expensive than if you try, everything un-necessarily be through a single camera to try to settle. The fact that the tapes should be optimally through in view of the low cost of tape no problem.

Antwort von derpianoman:

"Mark" wrote:
... The fact that the tapes are ideally should go through given the low volume cost is actually not a problem ...

That I will synonymous.
I would rather see the finished sauce once back on DV tape export.
P. thread for the transfer of DV tapes.
LG Klaus

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