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Frage von Darthharry:

I just try to play off my HDV project in Premiere CS3 on tape, my camera is a SonyHVR-V1E. But under the Export command is ausgeraut play on tape. Can the camera or not there anything I do wrong?!?


Antwort von Axel:

Hasty, uncertain: "I do not know exactly, but the V1 is still 25p? 25p is not compliant with the HDV1080 standard, so the replay does not work. As I understand it. A 50i timeline should be replay itself.
(Second-hasty use and for Final Cut Pro): You can only play back to tape if one has gone before to> display> External Video> No (; reference monitor for example).
Third-hasty: Even if the camera is supposed to add something, they should not stand in a receiving mode, but to VCR / VTR play, such as capturing via firewire.


Antwort von Jogi:

be activated in the menu of the V1 should be "HDV", NOT "DV" and not "Automatic"


Antwort von Darthharry:

Thanks for the replies. But the relevant settings I had met them all. It is a 50i Project, the camera is set to VCR. Synonymous with the settings I've put everything in HDV, but there is a menu item in the recording mode and called the only DV or DV CAM permits. So I thought maybe the camera can not.

But I gather from your answers that it is possible with the camera so I'm going next trial and error.


Antwort von r.p.television:

That's funny. If your recording mode only DV or DV CAM is already showing what not vulnerably compliant with the Project. Eventually a DV project accidentally created?
Unfortunately, there are so many possible sources of error that make a remote diagnosis difficult.
Have your camera does not FONG times in your menu, if the Firewire input must be set no pre-fix for a signal - regardless of the signal mode, the camera itself may be the firewire input and output to convert to DV then asked what leads that the port is not recognized by the NLE.


Antwort von videochris:

Many cameras have to be separated from the PC to put it on to HDVin



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