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Frage von thpitsch:

I am looking for a function and the program, with which I make my video s.beliebigen agencies to break switch, so that the user selects the "Play" button press in order to film the next run.

Background: It is a People, where the user for an entry can have a lot of time, until he decides that it should go next. During this time, the final picture will remain.

Is this feasible for DVD and what program is it?



Antwort von PowerMac:

This allows many DVD-Programs. I would prefer DVD Studio Pro. You have a fixed course, didactic-methodical end in mind, the teaching in stages or modules divided. At best, the predetermined breaking points didactically fixed, dhsEnde a module. At the end of each module you just expand a menu, where you on "Next" or "Once again" can click. Strengthens the self-competence and allows the user the ability to share information through multiple repetitions of redundancies in order to transform and to learn. Important, then, that the film-based teaching s.den deployment into meaningful chapters divided. These chapters can be freely shared control, a benefit for learners and for you during authoring. To what kind of teaching is it? Lerntheoretischen Which approach is the concept?


Antwort von Chrise:

Thank you for that answer!

It helps me to know that it is and with which program I can realize it. The "how" I must still learn, as I have with a beginner program worked (MAGIX, synonymous for me when I should be ashamed).

It's about a language THAI who works with several media. I finished a video with the resources of the super-learning (presented by Music) every 6 seconds, a new word signifying it after a short pause in Thai ansagt and the importance and the debate einblendet.

Before going to deepen the vocabulary, it must be, however, with the words employed. This requires the student a little more time. In principle, I want the same without the video and use music vocabulary after each stop. Perhaps even with two stops, one before the word is aufgesagt. The word, of course, remain visible at the stop, so I hope the buttons for "Next" and "Repeat" in addition to the Picture Show to be. In the simplest case, where no repetition is necessary, should the student with his remote control, only on "Start" button so that it goes next. Do you think this feasible?

Greetings Theo


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