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Avatar 3D Digital Kopie für Kinos!

Avatar 3D digital copy for cinemas!

Frage von Eastside:
Januar 2010


Stillimage enclosed a copy of a digital avatar of the film in 3D on a hard drive for the movies.

Perhaps it is indeed interested in one or the other.

Antwort von chris_d:

short ask because I read JPEG2000 ...

how can I s.mac s.besten coding in jpeg2000? / Settings? (to not synonymous under windows) I give my films for the cinema ever to mpeg2 - transport from stream - but the quality is desired to be desired.

Antwort von Eastside:

Unfortunately Use only windows with the MC of Adobe.
How to do it in FC, I can not tell synonymous.

Antwort von robbie:

2048x858 ....

Antwort von Axel:

The best source material Fazen is synonymous to the best of digital movies: An uncompressed Tiff sequence for the Picture, in 24 fps, 48kHz and 24bit uncompressed Wav (single channel) for the sound. 16:9 is okay, it would be in pixels, 1920 x 1080, although it is not exactly 17:9 in the Movies (then, as far as I know 1998 x 1080, but I check again).

"robbie" wrote:

Yes, clearly, Avatar is scope, therefore 1: 2.39, and this must be expressed for DCP in square pixels.

JPEG2000, satisfying all the specifications, especially the color space and the gamma, is a science in itself, while this Fraunhofer - watermark, even in 3D version of your choice) actually "easy". Differences in quality are the Avatar, as I wrote schonmal rather on - uh - different starting materials. Ie: the picture will look like on the screen more or less as you would on a PC at home.

Antwort von Powerframe:

"chris_d" wrote:

how can I s.mac s.besten coding in jpeg2000?

Export => Quicktime Quicktime conversion and then under Options Jpeg 2000 ....

In which the quality you rausrenders .... you need to do by yourself. 1x so far have made a rendering. And that went into the pants;)


Antwort von chris_d:

"Powerframe" wrote:

Export => Quicktime Quicktime conversion and then under Options Jpeg 2000 ....

(surprised that I have in the JPEG2000 codec quicktime) is the JPEG2000 codec with quicktime pro?

Antwort von PeterM:

Only as a short extension.

In the Digital Movies 2048 * 1080 pixels are used.
Usual, then again at 1:25 Anamorphic Scope format to come.
The crooked verikale Resolutionvon "only" 858 Bilpunkten is a concession s.The high refresh rate (144 Hz) in the 3D operation, which was the first generation of digital projectors, not grown.

Whether it is now a Real3D Poldreher, or an X-Pand shutter glasses or a Dolby (Infitec) color wheel in front of the projector does not matter.

I thought eigendlich the new projectors in the 3D synonymous ran the full Resolutionkönnen.
JPEG 2000 sequences as I know there are synonymous in Q per time.
Moreover, synonymous with working with the RED nem Modified Motion JPEG 2000 stream.
But look interesting times so ne HD.
The problem with the first digital projector was not in the rest of the
Therefore deliver the distribution of twice the number of images from the server, but the signal processing in the control of the DMD chips in the projector.

Antwort von MacPro:

"PeterM" wrote:
Only as a short extension.
In the Digital Movies 2048 * 1080 pixels are used.
Usual, then again at 1:25 Anamorphic Scope format to come.

Unfortunately, this is a widespread misconception. The DCI standard does not provide Anamorphic more, so that in fact they (may be hard to believe) the CinemaScope format is achieved by Source Select. The Picture will be aufgezoomt only, so that actually the opening act in a higher resolution (2048x1080) is presented as the main movie (2048x858).
This is synonymous for 2D.

Antwort von PeterM:

Mac pro. I'm buff.
I'm sure as someone who s.der front projector in the event area is working, it grounds for 3D technology were synonymous, since the control of the then eingesetten DMD (DLP) chips did not work.
In the movies, I know my way Not nearly, but I am appalled if this is true what you say.
At least for the Christies are themselves involved in event management / cinema projector range 1:25 Anamorphic available as standard accessories are synonymous and used for the scope.
What is the basis there voluntarily waive the 25% Resolutionzu.
This is now really ne frage. Perhaps even knows someone in the field of cinema that.

Antwort von Kino:

Hello Peter,

Although synonymous'm still a "perforated", but my knowledge is consistent with MacPros.

About Anamorphic use of the DCI-compliant projection I have heard anything yet. But there are still here (DCI), a more experienced colleague


Antwort von PeterM:

Yes you have got both right.
It really seems to be so in the scope format will be used only 858 lines, although NEC Anamorphic Christie as synonymous in the range of accessories, which then the entire chip can be used.
I fly about 2 of them with us. I am surprised they did not use the cinema, especially since in addition to the print resolution synonymous another 25% added light gain.

Antwort von Kino:

Then it would need to already be compressed or not later than in DCP-encoding to the corresponding factor.

Antwort von Axel:

"Movies" wrote:
Then it would need to already be compressed or not later than in DCP-encoding to the corresponding factor.

It seems possible to use an Anamorphic, and indeed achieved to a broader picture with a relatively short distance, without affecting the image quality by too short a focal too much. In this case, all compressed format with a pixel-AR played (arbitrarily chosen to be on the user interface), the film itself is the same (ie same file of the same plate), but in non-anamorphic hall, where as the CS-Picture only at the top and bottom is narrow, rather than the left and right wide. Since most modern screens have a smaller building because of the acoustic CS-picture, there are not so many DC-Anamorphic.
What better resolution MacPro writes about the opening act, that is true. Conversely, many wide-screen feature films ( "16:9") by digitally much more brilliant than analog films in the same room.

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