Infoseite // Avi does not import

Frage von xkoy:


times have now tested element 9, and wanted to import digital camera AVIFile times, but then just get an error message:

"Installed This file type is not supported or does not require a codec."

What I have to install as yet? Should it go the same or.



Antwort von xkoy:

now I wanted to test it with a half. MOV test is not synonymous, which is to be a DV editing program? can indeed be non ...

Divx on it
Quicktime on it
VLC Player on it

Can really be true or non-


Antwort von glider_pilot:

Lad you down but sometimes GSpot and analyzed so that the video files. The program then shows you which codecs are missing.

Synonymous with Premiere Pro I have problems to open files of a cheap Toshiba camcorder.


Antwort von xkoy:

Sun habs mal "installed" see screenshot:

Looks good but from, but does not import.


Antwort von tommyb:

A better program for analyzing of FILES is currently "media info". Gspot is very old iron ...

In your case, it is in the video codec to MJPEG or Motion JPEG. Appropriate codecs codec packs you find in sg.

But beware!
Do not install anything - just the MJPEG codec. Otherwise your system looks like from behind porridge.


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