Infoseite // Avi file is displayed in 4:3 even though it is in 16:9, how do I change it?

Frage von philippF:

I have already as a tool TMPGEnc auprobiert, since one could 16:9 PAL and then declined, but my 30 days test time limit has expired. Is there a freeware alternative, with one of the attitudinal change aknn that an avi is displayed in 16:9?

Perhaps one synonymous in mpeg2 that can convert? Mussa ber not be.

many thanks good udn slip!

your philipp


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Philipp,

if you were satisfied with TMPGEnc and you get exactly what you need test, just think about a purchase after. ;-)

MPEG2 encoder to my knowledge there is not free, because the providers of software license fees to pay.


Antwort von Whiz-zarD:

There is a free MPEG2 encoder called HC encoder.
However, the tool only swallows AviSynth scripts.
So you have just a little AviSynth script writing, but not synonymous is so difficult, so if you are a little set apart;)
AviSynth is an open source FrameMaker Server.


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"Whiz-Zard" wrote: There is a free MPEG2 encoder called HC encoder.
However, the tool only swallows AviSynth scripts.

True - but there are synonymous in HCEncoder


Antwort von Gast 0815:

In principle, there are always 2 sides to opportunities / pixel ratios a reading program to make available once by them during the encoding in the video stream itself writes, on the other hand, by using the information in the container format itself out. The former is obviously the safer method and shows its benefits if, within a film as the format of 16:9 to 4:3 changes the image output is then adapted car.
For this it is necessary that this codec in the stream write "synonymous supported and they can not all nunmal Avicodecs. Other hand, refuse to many players, the information from the Avicontainer themselves read out, even if those previously written. Then helps to halt play only the manual adjustment in the player because of this doubt in his otherwise defaults used.
Sure, umcodieren can change this behavior, but not only mpeg2 supports the proper format detection. For example, there is in xvid / divx-Avis no problems, nor in MP4 or Matroskacontainer.
The Quadruplex of proposed Mpeg2 encoder ( is of the "free" is certainly not the worst, but there are still quite different (eg ffmpeg, etc.).

Greetings from Marburg


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