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Frage von n3x1328:

I've drawn of my mini dv camera with a 60 min video on my pc that avi format now, of course ... My problem, it's just that the video 13 gb is great and I would obviously like to have small, two Programs between 2 to 5 gb possessions to ensure Choice. Endweder Adobe Video Premier or Virtualdub. Can someone tell me how I can do that with the programs ...??


Antwort von Feuerwehr-Fan:


All you need to. mpeg convert.

Greeting Fire Fan


Antwort von rush:


there must be no mpeg .... if you only as the whole archive for you aufm computer going ...

Just divx or xvid codec and then download the video with virtual dub according to divx / xvid convert ... (Select video compression and because the installed codec ...) then the ton synonymous nor curse in mp3 and then you come in as a quali viewable gb per hour ...

you should cut to the converted material but then you no longer use ...


Antwort von Markus:

Hello "n3x1328"

The question is always, what will you do with the video yet? High compression that is bringing a whole series of restrictions with, so you you may pave the way for future applications verbaust.

Learn More:
Which codec is the best compromise? (And subsequent posts)


Antwort von n3x1328:

hi boys,
erstmal danke für die antworten ...
I want to hold out all the videos, the dv cut ichvon the camera on my pc pull an entire video together and burn sooner or later synonymous times on dvd.
My her I should just cut that whole together, and then to reduce overall score video?? And then that is synonymous überahupt possible?
Thanks for more help ....


Antwort von Markus:

"n3x1328" wrote: My her I should just cut that whole together and then shrink that overall video?
Yes, absolutely.

"n3x1328" wrote: And then that is synonymous überahupt possible?
Yes, of course, is it then possible.

The compression in the required format is always the very last step in the video editing. ;-)


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