Infoseite // Avid Import of Camera JVC GY-DV 100 - audio problem

Frage von very:


I want to import files to the JVC GY-DV Camera 400th

For this I have been transformed with XDCam Clip Browser (MXF for NLEs)
and then imported into the Avid Project.

The Picture is great, only the sound is broken and are various noise Krack sounds of themselves.

What can I do?


Antwort von gunman:

Invite you to the free-MIK player (google mik-digital) down. It converts the audio format in order and your problem is solved. Works fine, I used it synonymous for some time, but now can I cut with Edius 5.5 natively.
Reports has sometimes worked obs.


Antwort von very:

The conversion works, but an MPG file I can not import into the Avid and it is no longer synonymous with the XDCAM EX Clip Browser convert to MXF.


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