Infoseite // Avid MC v5 + Quad Core AMD, only 25% capacity and playing it?

Frage von OperatorJohn:

I have the following problem. When completed, I would like to invite video clips in Avid, it takes forever until the "Creating Video". I have a 3.5 Ghz quad-core CPU of AMD, the load is in the process but only at exactly 25%, it is used according to task manager only one core. And I feel animal on the bag ...
The videos are the invited h264, operating system Windows 7
Gibts there a setting or option is no longer ago the codec?
Would appreciate help with fast, something was under time pressure ...


Antwort von tommyb:

If the "Einlademechanismus" does not support multithreading, it is not synonymous to get. If the Avid reads example, Quicktime clips, then there is definitely no Multitheading.


Anderess editing program.


Antwort von OperatorJohn:

Wrong. Solution was a different codec. Quicktime with H264 was unbearably slow, Quicktime Mpeg2, however with a dream with all four cores at high load. Demnentsprechend quickly. Avid is bitchy, but great!


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