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Frage von Marvin:


I currently use the Adobe Creative Suite for my post-production.
I'm actually with Adobe Premiere until now been satisfied, but I will now always so unhappy and would like to change Avid.
I already have a lot on the homepage of Avid synonymous here and read the forum trying to find out what I need.

My problem is that I am among the various versions (Xpress, Liquid, Media Composer ,...) not durchblick. What are the differences?

So I use the SonyHDR-HC3E and thus a need HDV 1080i support. In addition, I need a multicam support (as I have read have all versions).

Would be nice if someone could identify the differences or I could say a Page where I can find.

Thank you


Antwort von rush:


So no loss now all differences herzubeten;)

liquid actually comes of pinnacle of avid and was bought up, is so avid s.wenigsten a pure product, but s.einsteigerfreundlichsten as much drag & drop functions and provides synonymous' en masse, but some of them NEN bissl immature in my opinion ...

Xpress Pro and Media Composer differ more in favor of the available hardware, ie s.composer you get pretty much all formats broadcastfähigen / Mazen and connected while iengespielt xpress pro rather semi-pofesionellen area addressed, however - it should be avid for you-totally is sufficient. at least since the 5.5 is I think synonymous hd support integrated.
without training or Basic is avid but somewhat complicated to act for beginner ... lad dir doch mal avid free dv's to try.
vllt. synonymous liquid has a trial version ...


Antwort von Marvin:

Thank you rush,

Pinnacle Liquid exactly synonymous, I know.
Xpress times I will try and avid free dv and see how I come so clearly.
Again thank you, now I am a lot clearer.

Gruß Marvin


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