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Avid Xpress Pro 5.0 & Export

Frage von Svend5:
August 2006


Will my program with above average export sequence. Have tried with various export formats: AVI looks eerily off (jagged edges) bad picture.

In Quicktime movs & MPEG4 `s is the error message" Error Code 2034 ".

Why this is so, what can I do to ensure that everything is fine?

Thanks for the help!

Antwort von rush:


s.besten as quicktime reference to export and then leave with tmpeg o.ä.nach transcode mpeg2 (for dvd) or in any other targeted format ...

Antwort von Svend5:

Danke schon x for the tip! This works, but the exported Spot (30 sec) only has a size of 12 KB! Why?

Nevertheless, I would like to synonymous in other formats (AVI, etc. can be exported) and to avoid that I with a 2nd Conversion program needs to work. Can only go so synonymous at the expense of picture quality ... So, what's going wrong with me? Can not really be normal, the with the problem, finally, the functions are even available ...! When AVI export is always a black screen with a flickering, as if each picture btw a black image is cut ....

Antwort von cirE:

Well if you with avid material "campturest" (^ ^) then you have the advantage compared to other programs that you do not have Einbusen in Picture and Sound quality, because Avid is not compressed.

A. Avi or. Mpeg but compressed and therefore reduces the quality of your material.
So it is not possible to maintain the same quality. The variant of rush sounds like schonmal not to bad, I'll try it.

At least ichs've learned so ^ ^ bin halt noch n n00b;)

MfG the Jan

Antwort von rush:

hi again,

quicktime reference again to ...

Thus, the file is therefore just as tiny as they relate to the original material relates gecapturte and therefore quality is the ne plus ultra when it wants to call it that;)

the beneficial because you can handle it without quality loss next in many other applications and / or coded with an encoder of your choice:)

Theoretically, it would need in a synonymous of export containers ala avi divx and xvid from avid possible (if such codes is installed ...).. I know so well now, but not synonymous, because I'm always gone away on the quicktime reference, or have again played out on dv.
have you ever looked into the output settings? avi if you choose? where the window's time to try ...

much success

Antwort von Svend5:

reference to Quicktime again, If I convert my sequence as a quicktime ref, then there are these stupid horizontal lines .... So, quality has suffered, the blacks have become more synonymous horribly .... I want my sequences somehow oh. convey large deterioration to Adobe Encore DVD program .... Since this is my director role played techn. Quality does matter! The other export formats (Avi, etc.) all do not work: With Avi, there is synonymous with setting the best values in the blackening disorders ... have tried different codecs ....

When exporting as a mov.: Urmaster of my spots is always a DigiBeta. This I have a Direktkopie on MiniDV, which I import, as I said in my laptop via Camera & HD Xrpess .... It is when exporting og Proms .... However, yesterday, we have the same spots as the Great Avid DV 420 transcoding, and which I then imported into my Advid Xpress. Strangely, I can from it .... but then again movs do: take Movs Adobe Encore DVD Tätääää not ...!

Please help me ... Need to get things solved!

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