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Frage von Eric:

Hi Folks,

here I've got a HPX500 recordings in DVCPRO50, and wants to capture via firewire into my Avid.

Go synonymous, but the picture makes more the impression of DV. So it's little bit muddy and the colors just look more after IR.

Has anyone sowas done before?

In the project settings I Avidversion (5.6) I can already choose to set no time 50i but only between 24p, 25p and 25i.
So I decided my time to 25i in the naive assumption that Avid has in mind what Panasonic called 50i. Can it be?

Then when capture, I do not know whether I should set the color resolution to "OMF DV50 or 28:1 OMF. What is the difference?

So now simply views the question: Does anyone out there?

Would be much obliged.

Best regards,


Antwort von tommyb:

I wonder why you use a camera with memory cards to capture the whole of it but in real time?

For the HPX 500, there are drivers with whom you can transfer via USB cable to connect the content of the data on the calculator.

Alternatively, you can spend the drives to mount the camera directly into Avid and then move the data onto the hard drive.

The project which creates it should then be simple 25i, PAL. The data can then be directly into the drain and throw must encode anything new or capture.


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