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Apple versus Avid

Avid versus Apple

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
März 2007

Avid versus Apple Of rob - 9 Mar 2007 10:47:00
Interesting spotlight on an age-old debate: Who builds a better editing system: Apple or Avid. It reports an ex-Avid editors to speak, to the Final Cut Pro is changed according to Apple's software and favors - is not interesting because Final Cut forth the features of the better editing program, but because Apple's product line-of-sight policy and the program easier was.

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Antwort von paulpope:

And how much Apple has it paid for that statement :-)

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Synonymous So I think that in future more NLE Manufacturer integrity should be focused. Avid vllt should be synonymous with other manufacturers such as Autodesk, Maxon Eyeon or work closely together to improve the integrity and attractive among the programs to receive. This would allow Avid to Apple's score. Otherwise it slowly but surely Avid s.den collar. Sure, the Media Composer is and remains the No1 for the money but is considering vllt then maybe in a different cut solution to invest. Finally, the competition with Final Cut Pro, Premiere and Co. powerful up.
That one at Avid has more options in my eyes is not a shortcoming. From FreeDv until Adrenaline is for everyone.

Well, I'll stick with Avid anyway;)

Antwort von dvcut:

http://quotes.nasdaq.com/quote.dll?mode=basics&kind=&timeframe=&intraday=&charttype=&splits=&earnings=&movingaverage=&lowerstudy=&comparison=&index=&symbol=AVID&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & shape type = & mkttype = & pathname = & page = charting & selected = AVID

http://quotes.nasdaq.com/quote.dll?mode=basics&kind=&timeframe=&intraday=&charttype=&splits=&earnings=&movingaverage=&lowerstudy=&comparison=&index=&symbol=aapl&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol=&symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & symbol = & shape type = & mkttype = & pathname = & page = charting & selected = AAPL

Antwort von paulpope:

Well, I'm now on the Mac Pro geswitched and theoretically would have the option (who sits s.PC, has no option to Final Cut Pro) between the two cut solutions, but after I received Final Cut Pro a little closer at times could know I do not necessarily synonymous, why I should change this program.

Sure, if I would be new and Avid would not know, I would have's with Final Cut Pro certainly easier, but ultimately it is only a question of habituation - you can cut with two solutions.
The big advantage of Final Cut Pro and the Studio bundle is quite clear but the price / performance ratio, because that is really hard to beat. It plays all the assets from Apple and that can take a company like Apple simply because the flat in the first instance of the hardware sales live.

Apple is synonymous only a small part of the product portfolio - Avid is in the rather specialized field. Therefore I understand the chart is not synonymous post: that Apple s.der stock market is higher, says nothing at all times well off (as well play quite different factors play a role).

Avid course, you have to watch out: the Media Composer software only is certainly a step in the right direction, but with 5k euro is not necessarily a bargain. For 5k euros to get a Mac Pro including Final Cut Pro Studio and still has enough left over for a DeckLink. So it is increasingly difficult from a business point of view or arguments for Avid to find.

The many versions of the product at Avid, I feel now as synonymous not really bad and the UB for Intelmacs stands shortly before the publication.

Antwort von PowerMac:

I think sense of the links was to show how the stock prices in recent years have changed and not the company is absolutely necessary to compare. Changes in share prices at Apple did not touch directly from Final Cut Pro and video products, but they are a very good indicator, as the company with products and innovations, as the trend looks like. And such trends synonymous professionals follow a bit more. A company like Apple, which are constantly growing, recruiting new people and expanding, is synonymous sufficient duration to new editors, etc. s.sich tie. Precisely because the stuff is always popular. This image and the trend has not Avid.

Antwort von Sceetch:

Well yes, but we must not forget what this rush of Apple shares triggered once: I can still clearly remember that AAPL was at $ 12 and all the FA have seen already dead. At that time I've synonymous Investment geschäut, because I somehow was not clear, where there still was to come from (a fatal mistake). Well, then came the iPod (yes the first was not a success), the G5 and then just with the idea of this processor went steadily upward (with an accompanying hype about the iPod).

It may therefore be that Apple is pretty good at the moment and is certainly still the sleeve, but whether with Final Cut Pro has something to do, I'll dare to doubt. Avid cutting range is still the industry standard and synonymous s.ProTools bites the competition for years from the teeth (always fun, since each time what a ProTools killer is sold - Apple has supposedly synonymous such a killer as the successor of Logic in of development) and I say again, as soon as synonymous changes nothing.

Other hand, there are of course the problem that more and more companies solely on the basis of price choices and here's the big Pros at Apple (affiliated with the option for the hardware). The Avid things are rock solid (I can of Apple software is not necessarily say that if I just think s.das Logic debacle, with which I am constantly fighting it), but it is synonymous very expensive and we should naturally have the question sure if this was justified.
I think the distinction as synonymous MC (software only) and Avid Xpress are not very useful: Avid Xpress should einstampfen and MC for the 2k offer and I am pretty sure that the penetration rate would increase significantly. That would give them but all those in front of the head which will require a lot of money in the MC for that reason and where the premium claim is important - in my opinion it was just a marketing decision.

The show's time is ...

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Why is the MC (Softonly) actually compared Xpress so expensive? What was the MC for a special feature that it was 3000 euros more expensive can?

Antwort von dvcut:

Here is probably the award, which costs nothing is nothing. Moreover, the MC wants users to have invested 6stellig not occur on the feet. This sentence should actually be synonymous with clients with small applications to be taken into account, apply for both companies. After all, 10 million users a bank synonymous and synonymous makes small dung! But I am of the opinion synonymous software MC for 2k and AL for 0.5 k would be the solution. In Final Cut Pro, there are certainly still some s.Hausaufgaben AVID and must in no case to rest. Customers want to consistently work in HD and not until years after the purchase of your camcorder. I am disappointed of course, the performance of the AVID and enthusiastically shares of Apple. Since the Pinnacle acquisition is only the hill. The recent acquisitions were no real highlights. Here there is the board simply s.Mut the necessary innovation and communications readiness. Apple, however, spraying of innovation. All cards are played correctly. The name is suddenly changed. Apple contributes 2007 - to its product portfolio to better represent - no longer the name of Apple Computer, Inc., but only Apple Inc. The iPhone and Apple TV are driving Apple shares in the Height, s.der New York Stock Exchange soared on the Course 92.57 U.S. Dollar Up. This was Apple was the second highest in the last 52 weeks. In the current market would be able to purchase the Avid uswith of Magix well advised. The subsequent market adjustment would only be a breeze. Apple TV can not show more than one center BJ 2002 HDD and with the right connections. Here verschläft Avid a very big deal. The headlines determine next Apple currently synonymous Google / Youtube, Amazon / Tivo, or Skype / Joost.

Schönes Wochenende.

Holger Jost

Antwort von Sceetch:

That isses: it's about maintaining the premium claim. The differences between MC and Xpress are already there (full and Timewarp Effects Timeramp, keyer, stylish user interface with advanced shortcuts in MC and others), but they are in my opinion not so serious that the 3k euro price difference would justify. You may think I MC synonymous more HD streams while streaming, but rather, it is not synonymous (except that the plugins well the dual cost in comparison to Xpress - see for example, the Sapphire Plug-ins of Genarts).

If this setting keeps Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro next expansion (the Media Management, for example, is a lot better Avid) Avid could in fact have problems (which they probably already have).

MC for 2k and Avid Liquid - at least it would be a good beginning for a broader customer base. Is certainly a major threat to Avid as a step to go, but if they do not do anything, they go somewhere in (I think those things always s.den case SGI - former company and now cheering away from the window, despite good products). Ultimately the market decides what will prevail.

In any case, I'm anxious times what the new version 5.7 brings s.Neuerungen - perhaps Avid has already learned ;-).

Schönes WE.

Antwort von Sceetch:

Liquid was not long over and MC Xpress?

Now the developers studio deducted, with the measure even more errors in the so-popular software program.

Have fun

Antwort von Sceetch:

In some Liquid score is in fact more advanced than Xpress (Bezier Xpress's in there to this day), but maybe there's some adjustments with the next release.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

What would be when the next Final Cut Pro synonymous would run on Windows?
I would be pleased, because then there would be a real synonymous Competition between Avid and Apple.

Antwort von PowerMac:

If the word "if" is not about ', then about' my father was a millionaire.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

"PowerMac" wrote:
If the word "if" is not about ', then about' my father was a millionaire.

Aha cool and now?

Antwort von Axel:

"Beat maker" wrote:
What would be when the next Final Cut Pro synonymous would run on Windows?
I would be pleased, because then there would be a real synonymous Competition between Avid and Apple.

A misunderstanding. Final Cut Pro is perfectly in the Mac OS system. Even if the sex change (castration or better) succeeded and Final Cut Pro on Windows as it ran on Macs, this meant no more than the end of Premiere. Avid is already very diverse.

Antwort von Hogar:

The problem with Avid is: They are too rigid. Europe does not count, there is only the American customers. And they actually rest on their success and trust that their products forever remain a market leader.

This Avid is synonymous something sounds from Europe, had a lot of broadcasters who use Avid do together to serve as a voice voice.

In addition, Avid does not opens up other products, like Microsoft. When you complete a station operates with Avid Technology, one is virtually dependent of Avid. And then when you need new features and lives in Europe, has one pitch. Therefore, of channels then just no extensions for Avid products, but other open source software products through the Export function of Avid but then cooperate with the system. For example, VPMS (Video Preview Managemant System) which the editors s.ihren PC's video may be pre. Sowas gibts synonymous of Avid, but the system is not open.

If the next at Avid so that they could one day s.ihrer rigidity choke ...


Antwort von Hogar:

Somehow lacks an edit button here, or am I blind? Well no preference, again relating back to:

This is Avid editors, which 10 years have worked s.Avid Final Cut and then find better, does not surprise me. With the sentence:

"Too many options can make it difficult to make a decision"

says a lot. I know some editors synonymous, the better a simpler system than one Avid should operate. Nevertheless, they earn money with the things they do. Nunmal It's always about the balance of simplicity and complexity. The more a system can be more complicated. But that's so synonymous sometimes or often necessary.

In short, over a text so I can only smile, I know synonymous Cutter, of the FinalCut are changed to Avid. Such a man would have been synonymous times must ask if you have a public Comparison pulls.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Hogar" wrote:
Somehow lacks an edit button

The contributions should s.Ende your right next to the button to cite.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

So I'm on Avid Premiere of change and I'm thrilled. Just the fact that we all individually adjusted according to his wishes may find ich klasse. However, the s.Anfang is not beginner-friendly. Since you almost killed of this diversity, however, after a certain time and after many video tutorials you will get better.

Antwort von sk8connection:

I see so synonymous am of Avid to Vegas and had initially been some difficulties, especially synonymous because the workflow is very rigid set. Just in the timeline and herschieben out anything like the problems in Vegas, is at Avid yes first time is not possible - but certainly synonymous advantages.

What Hogar regarding Europe has written, is certainly an important point, however, of many American companies is neglected (this is from Apple does not otherwise). It affects not even Europe alone, but all PAL territories (including Australia and Asia) and so it is really almost no longer excusable that we have always taken the back.
The best example: as long as there is now the Panasonic HVX200E? As before, there is no possibility 720p50 with Avid to edit, while the U.S. model has no problems. The only excusable is the fact that synonymous with Apple Final Cut Pro at this point still not next (as it is already written is not simply a problem of Avid), but from the leader, I expect more than that, as of Apple, where the more incidentally runs.

Well, in the next release seems 720p50 so now to be implemented - we should hope so.

Antwort von amigo:

Funny that with all the problems have 720p. My program VDL 0.049 k 07 kanns ;-) At the moment I cut a show with 4 camera positions, maybe not as elegant as in Final Cut Pro, but it is relatively easy.

Antwort von DWUA:

For the original question of "rob".

In the discussion following aspect should not be underestimated:
Many universities, higher vocational education or vocational schools with the
Training objective "media designer / designer ', etc. have been with
AVID systems and expensive equipment.
There may be no longer a question of what may be better.
Their lean budget is not suitable for fast change.
The graduates represent a solid first-Avid clients dar.

Those who in later professional life, or privately for FC decides
has the switch so no problems.
A prognosis for the development of both NLE editing systems and their
Distribution is for all of us probably illusory.

We even talk about any case of love to the "grace of late birth" (FCpro / FCS).

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