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Avid Waveform mit keyframe editieren + weitere noob Fragen

Avid waveform with keyframe editing + other noob questions

Frage von Gurkenkönig:
März 2007


had about one year before the first and so far only time DV editing operation. That was with final cut. After some trial & error and explain of friends so I'm super-clear came. I must say that the synonymous frameworks such as hardware to work optimally at the time were. Was a professional equipped cut square.

Well, now I want to cut packed, and because of my colleague n synonymous on Final Cut is, he has converted me to Avid Xpress Pro HD cheaply leave, but without instructions, etc.

So I'm just s.rumprobieren. If yes but quite different from final cut, that there are unfortunately not available for PC. Furthermore, it is wiegesagt synonymous already a year since I last came in contact.
I know it because the opportunity was right in the timeline in waveform of the volume with so little knubbeln (keyframes? If so what is exactly a keyframe?) Edit by example 3 of this knubbel created and then the volume with the medium-sized up or down shifted. So the two outer knubbel in the volume remained. In short, I would like s.bestimmten places the volume process, and not of the whole sequence ...
I hope you understand what I mean, because I would like to Avid synonymous make ...

As mentioned already written, I have no instructions, there is something good on the net? One which is a tutorial an Avid piece brings closer? However vlt. synonymous a reference book in which one explanation of the whole settings, etc. etc. there?

At the time when I had final cut so synonymous with a cool keyboard pictures of individual actions, such as depicted cut, etc.
That was a tremendous time savings in comparison to rumgeklicke with the mouse ...
Is there somewhere these stickers with symbols to buy, because I believe that such cutting keyboards are quite expensive?

And finally, a question to off if there is no tutorial, there should be, and how do I play in DVD player just like? What settings should I make so I have a file that I only need and burn them in any DVD player is playable?

Should there be a language pack that avid with what you can to German, I would be very pleased to note ...

many many questions, the survey Halber again briefly in bullet points

1.) volume in timeline s.best. Points in the waveform edit
2) Instructions?
3.) tutorial?
4) Icon stickers or other idea to get rid of the mouse?
5.) just off DVD?
6.) language package?

I look forward to your answers,

Antwort von clint:

there is a synonymous AVID internal assistance. Because so much is synonymous drin:)

"Cucumber King" wrote:

1.) volume in timeline s.best. Points in the waveform edit
2) Instructions?
3.) tutorial?
4) Icon stickers or other idea to get rid of the mouse?
5.) just off DVD?
6.) language package?

1) In the timeline right (next to the yellow arrow) on the sandwich menu and click "Audio Auto Gain" dial. Then select the audio track and "N" button, then you get a "Knubbel" :-)

2) +3) http://www.avid.com/freedv/tutorials/

4) ebay: "Avid keyboard or google

5) I always play as a QT Reference and walk out with Sorenson Squeeze. Otherwise output directly as MPEG2.

6) ka

If still unclear what is calmly ask again after!

Gruß, clint

Antwort von Gurkenkönig:


thank you for your answers.


1) So I tried it already synonymous only changes if I am to this knubbel move the volume of both audio tracks in the entire length even though I've added 3 knubbel.

2. +3.) Cool, thanks, I'm not so the English-crack, but it will look at me s.Wochenende. If it is still something useful to give German würd I rejoice synonymous.

4) Is the keyboard s.meiner that the letters on the keys are arranged on the top left? Because the labels assume that the letters are left down, and thus the symbols on the top right stick will ... but thank you anyway, to the distress Bastel I did anyway ... which, unfortunately, a black keyboard, so help me of the black printed symbols which I have not found next;)

5) Thank you Thank you, I will try synonymous s.WE ...

6.) then it probably means zusammenbeissen teeth;)


Antwort von elek:

"Cucumber King" wrote:

1) So I tried it already synonymous only changes if I am to this knubbel move the volume of both audio tracks in the entire length even though I've added 3 knubbel.

Hello again,
vermutl. You only need the In - and Out-Point Clear. That is, for example with 'G'. Avid changes within all the keyframes of IN and OUT simultaneously.
Another tip: If you have a keyframe to the left or right want, press ALT, before you know it with the mouse click.

ciao, clint

Antwort von elek:


thank you it works ... I've done exactly the opposite, I have in the section of highway in and out point and then set the keyframes (ie, these keyframes knubbel?) into it, but as he has already described it in the whole track changed ... now does not understand quite why, but fits;)

Thank you

Antwort von elek:

All keyframes inside of IN and OUT are simultaneously moved. If you have a job now want to make quieter, so 3 sets of keyframes and the middle to bottom draw, the two exterior NOT within the selected range. If you're one of the outer move keyframes, changing the volume of it until the end (or beginning, depending on ...) of the clips.

A keyframe describes a particular state (here the volume) at any given time. Between 2 keyframes is usually interpolated, ie, the software calculates the entire auto intermediate steps.

ciao, clint.

Antwort von Gurkenkönig:

Ah, the English again, or just the technical terms ... I've somehow set to the waveform display, but only if it is within the range of in and out points is ... For this reason, I see the waveform garnicht when I edit the volume ... you can change somewhere? That I will see if there are no synonymous points are set?

I've checked with [auto audio gain] and [sample plot] in it, does not know what it is, but I read somewhere that the inside must be ...

Antwort von elek:

I habs found, has changed in the timeline settings under [show marked waveforms] hidden, strangely, he only appears after I have the check rausgenommen ...

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