Infoseite // Balancing of Flycam3000 with JVC GY-HM100

Frage von derreporter:

Times would need the help of a balance of professionals. I have purchased the suspension would stand Flycam3000 and weigh it now with my JVC GY-HM100. Unfortunately, I am so far failed, despite instructions to it. Who can give me helpful TIPSS? My Indian designers are very bemäht, but I honestly do not get me the English description is clear. Does anyone have a German user manual. With love before. [/ B]


Antwort von Johannes:

I think your JVC is synonymous to something easy for it. I would recommend you above the gimbals so directly at the camera a few weights to assemble so you n.Gewicht above the gimbals 2-4.
Then you compute the lever and the weight of what you need on the other page. And then comes the Feineinstellungszeug.


Antwort von derreporter:

... And just as the rabbit is in the salt. I have absolutely no idea how I should do that. The Cam weighs 1.4 should be suitable for n.and prima Flycam3000. I have no idea of synonymous lever and weight, let alone of fine tuning. ;-( (


Antwort von pilskopf:

Perhaps the explanation will help the times I had to adjust down to a Glidecam. The principle is still the same.

Quote: Glidecam simple rule:

1st First the rod to make very short.

2nd Weights to put on a long Droptime comes about. 3 sec max. So between 2 and 3 seconds to swing the shorter the more there are, the longer, the less quickly the Glidecam alone will produce the balance of rights but not synonymous with a fast swing angle. Both have advantages and After. The shorter the Droptime so synonymous less susceptible to wind it is. For the Glidecam gets faster from the Lot in fast movements.

3rd with the length of the bar fine-tune the Droptime. The longer the rod, the shorter the Droptime. The shorter the rod, the longer the Droptime.

4th Per wheel s.Schlitten find the correct lot.

BUT, I recommend a very short rod, it is easier to turn because you might otherwise come with the legs s.die rod so that each recording is broken. I think at least, just my experience that a short rod is pleasant, especially since you can use a coin as a spacer, so you always and everywhere the Glidecam always the same can be assembled correctly.

But in order to set a fixed and very short length, you have to fine tune the Droptime by small weights, so hang down, you can put on top synonymous weights, but since the fix is only on their own initiative. So would the Droptime much too strong, it could be synonymous hang up on the sled weights and it would be slower.

After each new set Droptime setting again and again the new Lot per wheel and test again Droptime.

The lower carriage where the weights are each set up for it there, adjust the rotation speed of the Glidecam. The longer the slide is retracted, the carrier it is recommended for very small and light cams. The shorter the carriage, the faster they can turn without great effort is worth it for serious Cams. Figure out with welhcer setting can deal s.besten comes and these can then be set for always so that over time get a feel for it. If you change the setting times, then eventually turning too fast or too slow just because it is different from usual stop. So the attitude I would stop 1x and then leave so and only adjust when the weight changes in size.


Antwort von rush:

on youtube and co you can find several videos of the Glidecam adjust etc ... such times thereafter - so you should really get along synonymous to be powerful without the English


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