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Frage von mikelangelo:


I plan, with After Effects 7.0 Pro to create an animation, but I am unsure with all the preliminary settings and formats.
Will point to be sure before I put everything in the wrong format investors.

To explain: My animation should later be burned to DVD, ie on TV or projector is presented. An MPEG version of the calculator should give it to the final.

The animation is made from a range of photographic material zusammengebastelt.Deshalb the most advance graphics in Photoshop prepared.

The film was later to have the format 4:3.

Among my questions:

1. What settings do I need to composition in After Effects choose?

Is the following correct?

PAL1 D1 / DV
720 x 576
D1 / DV PAL (1.07)
Resolution: Full

2. In what format / resolution in what Do I have to create files in Photoshop?

Is the following correct?

PAL1 D1 / DV Square Pix, 768x576 (with guides)
Resolution: rich here 72 pixels / inch?
Color Mode: RGB Color, 8 bit?
Color Profile: Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Picel Aspect Ratio: Square

What quality should my photo material generally have to make it even more sensible later on the screen looks like?

3. When I finished the After Effects Project later export as a movie (such as avi-file), is it normal that the animation still is squeezed again? During testing, I had some synonymous in the event that after the export to moving objects repeatedly aufblitzten pixels. If the only s.Rendern or photographic material is of too poor quality? In After Affects itself was before exporting clean everything out.

Already many thanks in advance for your (hopefully numerous and quick) answers,



Antwort von jojo:

Everything seems to agree, except that I am in Photoshop the normal DV-setting would take and not with the square pixel.

Although essentially no preference, but then you see how it looks later. With Square Pixel would subsequently be easily distorted.
(DV aspect ratio: 1.066)



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