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Frage von Martin.Schneider:

Hello together,

I have a HVR-Z1 with an external hard disk recorder FireStor FS-4 HD. Unfortunately the battery of FireStor is quite weak in the chest.

For Anton Bauer at that time there was an adapter plate that you put between the Camera and Battery and then branch off of power for external devices could - there's something synonymous for the Sony batteries?

Thanks and regards,


Antwort von tommyb:

Works of Fire doors with 12V? If so - you also need a 7.2V to 12V Converter (must look on Ebay).

If the Firestore works with 7.2V, you need to organize yourself a charger for NP-F Battery (a cheap-Charger is enough) and this according to "build turn."

Alternatively, it is synonymous with Ebay Batteries with external power output - but have yet to be fixed somehow s.Firestore.


Antwort von Martin.Schneider:

Hello, and thank you for the first time for the reply.

I would reluctantly rumwurschteln with two batteries ;-) So who washed after an adapter plate.

Best regards,
Martin Schneider


Antwort von tommyb:

Then you come to a Converter and Battery with a current output is a must.

There is no adapter plate is not to my knowledge for NP-F - at least not then synonymous nor rausspuckt 12V and can simultaneously back s.alten battery be attached.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Martin.schneider" wrote: ... Adapter plate that you put between the Camera and Battery and there could branch off of power for external devices - there is something synonymous for the Sony batteries ...?


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