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Frage von insidersbg:

Hallo hab me some time ago a beamer (BenqPb 6200) purchased and use it for some events (Drum & Base, parties, etc.). Hab mir Resolume 2.4 (for visuals with effects) concerned and would like even more to produce the beamer. My question is what video mixer would be ideal for me when I connect 2 laptops, 1 Cam and possibly a DVD player would like to mingle. Do I still synonymous AFG splitter that I bought at two times synonymous Beane can drive or so. My projector has the following inputs AFG, Super-Video and RCA. On what must I look out and in what price ranges, there is something useful. Thank you already in advance and would have a nice day.
Mfg Bob (Insidersbg)


Antwort von robbie:

For VJs is the standard of Edirol V4 - Mixer, it costs about 900 euro. can pretty much everything, and probably has the best price / performance ratio.

schöne grüße,


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