Infoseite // Beginner needs help with Sachtler Video 10 Tripod

Frage von johanna007:

I'm still encountered quite a newcomer to the hobby and video for my internet search for a tripod for my JVC Video Camera on the Sachtler 10th Unfortunately, neither Google nor I could find information about the data in this stand. If anyone has such a tripod or has ever used it, would be information to max. Height, load capacity, head, experience with it, ... for me, very helpful.
My setup is with Batteries, mic, lights, etc., about 8-9 kg. If someone can recommend another cheap but good tripod for it, I would be very grateful synonymous.


Antwort von Lothar 1:

Hi Joan!
Schau doch mal nach in or There you will find 100% of the desired data.
Should it be a little cheaper, look at Manfrotto 501 ff below These tripods are cheaper but not synonymous, and bad. I work for a long time and am satisfied.


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