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Frage von Kingofcrunk84:

Hello Forum,

I once had a brief question. I film up and back with a Panasonic DVX 100BE, sometimes synonymous with a SonyHDR FX 1000th Available here in Berlin right at cheap rent.

Did the Camera of Sonybisher but never used the HD function but always included in lesser quality.

So far I have always used the trial version of Magix Video Pro X2 to the tapes to transfer to the PC (with Firewire).

To edit, I'm still quite primitive, but then put the Windows Movie Maker to cut and make WMV clips of it. However, the quality loss is not without. Great pity for the cameras.

Now I have seen that the full version of Video Pro X2 costs over 300 euros.

Magix Video Deluxe 15 gibts in the Bay already for 40

Well maybe a stupid question: I can as easy synonymous with Deluxe 15 of the cam on the PC transfer tapes, as with Pro X2.

I st the video editing (cut, add Articles, etc.) with Deluxe Maybe even easier? Pro X2 I was totally overwhelmed almost.

Are there any known issues with compatibility between the video and the Panasonic DVX 100BE Deluxe, or the SonyHDR FX 1000?

Schonmal Thanks for your answers.

A Newbie. ^ ^


Antwort von Räuber:

Moin use, own and pro VdL2008Plus x 1.5.

Question 1: yes

Question 2: not in my view, depends on how deep you want to familiarize themselves. It is in both programs at the basic functions that are virtually identical. Perhaps you confuse the two preview window of Pro X?

Question 3: me so far without problems (the tape is due!)

continue to have fun,


Antwort von hubse:


to Point 3: If you ever aufnimmst with Panasonic P2 to you have a problem - neither ProX 2 VDL16 still see the mxf files, Magix reads DVCProHD not synonymous. The SonyXDCAM files are no problem.


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