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please excuse my beginner's question about high definition video.
I must prepare for a customer-HD video (in 1920 x 1080). This is running (later on Windows Embedded on a 1.0 GHz Celeron processor, 512 MB RAM) in vehicles from (; Oops!) CompactFlash card with 4.0 GB size.

The problem:
The films will be shown on a standard Windows PC and Mac Pro seamless. On the Windows Embedded Calculator jerk but the films at the 1 Time playing. Tests with such Elecard MPEG2 Player show that there is no frame rate is achieved. Once the films are played, but after a second time, they will be with a constant frame rate judder WITHOUT played.

My suspicion now falls on the following components:
- Compact Flash unusable (as a medium, too little transfer rate / throughput for FullHD)
- Too little RAM
- Processor to inefficient

Possibly. It is synonymous a combination of these three components, which are responsible for the problem.

I would be very grateful for the feedback of an expert respectively. Professionals.
Thank you very much!

I just learned that the Compact Flash cards have the following transfer:
- Read: Max 15 MB / s
- Write: Max 12 MB / s


Antwort von domain:

Have you ever tried to here?


Antwort von bluebandit:

Thanks for the link! Will I still try.
But I think that it is not s.der Player application, but rather s.der hardware.


Antwort von ThomasM:

Know me but not so with embedded systems from what I would however still try:

- Drivers check (; should fit, however, since the 2nd time even working for me)
- Other players are trying, as mentioned above. Possibly synonymous
- Paging file should be disabled
- Disable unnecessary services
- May create a ramdisk and copy the player used at system startup via logon script in the ramdisk (; VLC Portable)


Antwort von bluebandit:

Thanks for the tips!
First of all time would probably make a test with another player.



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