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Anfänger: Archivierung externe Festplatte oder DVDs

Beginners: Archiving external hard drive or DVDs

Frage von krsek1:
Dezember 2006


I have tried from the other contributors to answer my questions, but unfortunately I am not!

I have the task to get DV tapes Digitizer and archiving. My question is now what I store the digitized video from? I have Final Cut Pro 3 is available. The data should not s.Qualität lose, as they might at a later date are to be processed. There is the idea behind these videos on external hard disks to store between then and when Blu Ray zb stable and affordable is to burn them.

Other videos are probably not later for further processing is required. How do I get it with as little loss on DVDs? Mpeg2, or Divx?

What I do not understand is, for example, if I digitize something is in my Final Cut capture folder a file about 12 GB in size. Is that my original file? Which format is it? I can archive and reuse later or is it Final Cut bound?

I am for each tip and notice very grateful!

Liebe Grüße Trealiii

Antwort von Markus:

"Trealiii" wrote:
I have the task to get DV tapes Digitizer and archiving.

DV images are already digital and DV tapes, in contrast to DVD & Co., a relatively high storage stability.

Copy the tapes onto new order if they are to be archived. This is s.einfachsten quality s.sinnvollsten and s.Ende even s.preisgünstigsten.

PS: How can edit DivX, you can find anywhere here in the forum to read! ;-)

Antwort von krsek1:

Thank you for your quick reply!

As long as DV tapes with proper storage (upright, rewound without changing temperature (I hope this is true then))?

and if you are some videos on DVD to play, without the entitlement to subsequent post, would you recommend mpeg2 or divx? As far as I could inform, any DVD Plyer mpeg2 and not play any Divx. Divx but better quality, or did I misunderstood?

LG Trealiii

Antwort von Markus:

"Trealiii" wrote:
As long as DV tapes with proper storage (upright, rewound without changing temperature (I hope this is true then))?

How long the tapes hold, I can not tell you because none of my tapes, the time has blessed. DV is already since 1995. Maybe you'll find in the www yes more info on this?

Your storage is so far correct. Coil to the tapes every two years on the other Page, then stick with it over time is not synonymous together.

"Trealiii" wrote:
As far as I could inform, any DVD Plyer mpeg2 and not play any Divx. Divx but better quality, or did I misunderstood?

Yes. No.. (In that order). ;-)

What is with the DVD-video on him, which every normal DVD player can play, you will find the following links:

" Video> DV-AVI> MPEG2> Multiplexes> VOB> burn
" Wikipedia: DVD-Video

Antwort von Tersil:

Thanks Markus for your help,

I again asked my boss again. The videos will in any case on hard disks. And then can you with a program, such as "boy" and "sea" and then can enter the program with all these videos raussuchen names.

If I were a movie digitalis, landed in my FinalCut Caputre folder a file that I can open synonymous with quicktime, but it has no suffix. Is it dependent FinalCut? Is this the file which I, on the hard drive or memory do I need to export the movie again? If so as what?

I'm already a bit desperate! : (Hat s.vor all the video section in the absolute keep!

Lg Trealiii

Antwort von Markus:

With video database programs, I have not been employed and Final Cut is not (yet) my site ... :-(

So much for transparency. ;-)

Antwort von steveb:

Think about you a "name" method of the files that you later qualified search enables zb so:

"01102006" "Inhaltdesvideos" "author". Mpg

Then it should later be found to be synonymous. In addition, of course, with directories / subdirectories work.

Antwort von Eva Maier:

If the boss says - hard drive - then hard drive

Section 1 - The boss is always right!

At the current price, is the optimal solution.

I myself do it as synonymous.

Database, I need not, however, because the Windows Explorer is sufficient.

Before some time, time a hard drive up his mind, since lobe ic h me then the original tapes


Antwort von Udo Schröer:

I ride double,
on the one hand, I have my original DV tape which as indicated above, the best form of Arschivierung represents. Moreover, I have all my movies on an external hard drive backed up. Here, I use (DV AVI) which corresponds to the original quality. How can I keep one or the other again.

Antwort von Elena:

Many thanks for your answers!

the target DV AVI, it is the file which is in my Final Cut Capture folder (Mac) is in? or do I have to again as a DV AVI output? if so do I have to export something seems wrong, because I do not play. The file in the folder, I can capture in Quicktime (Mac and PC, however, sees the video on the PC quite bad, fragments etc ...), this File s.Quicktime bound, since they produced was of FinalCut?

Liebe Grüße Trealiii

Antwort von Udo Schröer:

I do not know Final Cut, AVI is a container file and can contain much. One then speaks of holding a DV AVI file, this is usually about 15GB per hour of video size, per hour if you only have like 5 GB, it is no longer DV Avi. There are free computer screen video Inspector, with this tool, you can read the file and get more info on your file.

Antwort von Markus:

DV-AVI is s.Windoof PC represented. You save DV recordings on the Mac is not as MOV (Quicktime)?

Antwort von Elena:


the capture file in my folder is about 55 minutes long and is 11.65 GB. It has no suffix and I can only on the PC with Quicktime player.

The problem with archiving software do I with iDive (70Euro), this data can be synonymous digitizer. There is then search for people, places and events. And with a preview single frames.

Lg Trealiii

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