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Anfänger sucht alten/guten/günstigen Camcorder (Mercedes-Oldtimer)

Beginners looking for old / good / cheap camcorder (Mercedes-Oldtimer)

Frage von Wastl:
Januar 2006


first I have to say that this forum is class. I now have yet been able to read a lot and found that there are people who know what they speak of.

If I had the coal, I would grow me a SonyDCR-HC17.
This seems to provide for my needs just that.

Now, I have no money, and yet the desire to try something like that once too. I hope you can help me there.
Video cameras, there is now not only been 3 months, but quite a while. Earlier things were too expensive for me, so I have not struck yet. There have certainly been used synonymous great parts that have to be persistent, stable, around it proved useful, such as an IBM notebook or a Mercedes.

I am looking for the Mercedes-timers (or the IBM T23 laptop) under small video cameras for the money, where you still get parts synonymous after 10 years

So I am looking for a real bargain. If something is getting on in years, there are often problems with the subsequent purchasing of Batteries, Tapes, etc. sure you know what I mean.
So I'm looking in the range of, say, 50-80 euro something tangible good, which for some time performed his duties without complaint, and gives me an insight into this world.

I have become godfather and would like to record my godchild, then a bit of landscape, when I'm traveling with the RV and then synonymous with family gatherings. Of course I want to work over on the PC of the digital camera I know that everything goes just perfectly with a lot of light at close range, but unfortunately my Olympus C720 increases, despite 8-fold optical zoom video only without the zoom and without sound.
But otherwise, the images are class, the camera was 3-4 years ago for the first time on the market.
I now look sowas adequat as a video camera

Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

Well, that's a good old ran eighth, that's something fine.

If needed, the camcorder is such a problem, you never know what can be seen, as the owner with the camera is handled, and how long that part still makes.

My tip: saving you the money for a used and get yourself an amateur video club, which admits the possibility to borrow equipment times. And you can talk shop here.

If one day money is rearing its head again, so you can always strike again.

Antwort von Markus:

Hello "Wastl"

good, used synonymous camcorders have a good resale value. Anyone who hopes for a favorable SonyVX1000 on eBay, comes to the amazement that this model - if it is not broken - still achieved Prices up to ¬ 1,000. Used mind you!

With a broken camcorder, you can not do anything, just with a device that there is no Batteries or more spare parts. And what if the "new and used" camcorder breaks down shortly after the purchase? Guarantee You can not be repaired quickly and go to the Money. The purchase price would then be gone again, and a functioning camcorder you had not. ;-(

The SonyHC17 costs EUR 287.84 and the cheapest online in the next "famous" Online 305 EUR. This price range is for videographers as absolute subclass.

Antwort von Wastl:

Hello specialists!

Thank you for these answers!

You are certainly right there, I have no doubt.
However, I was hoping for a different answer.
It is not even easy to know their way in today's models, the diversity is simply enormous.
In principle, I would have to make a journey, and read the articles that were written in this forum before about 3-4 years. (If it has been there already)
In those answers, I have speculated.
The other day a buddy a 15 year old VW Passat with 30,000 has n.erstanden, a real bargain!

Therefore I try again this attempt.

I have read elsewhere, for example a long article praising the SonyDCR TRV 240E, http://www.orthy.de/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=552&mode=&order=&thold =

But that is synonymous in the price class that I can not afford it, so I probably still a little bit back, maybe Hi8 video systems? Only when one finds information that is good and where one of the fingers can be better?

For example, I am with my IBM T23 fully satisfied with only 866 MHz can do anything auser Play it, the notebook was about 5 years ago was on the market and when I got it six months ago, never used , that is a real bargain!

With ebay, the offer is huge. If you need information about digital cameras, you go to

Antwort von MiXMaster:

Sorry, but your twisted Done Walle honor, but video is something other than cars.
You can not, just because you're on old things that are so well used, the transfer to video.
Cameras, which were then cheap, are now very bad.
What you do not understand, with the car today you can go just yet, the Notebook will make only in terms of computing power problems, but the camera is just a shit Picture.
In the Notebook you'll just come a little slower at the same quality goal. By car with a little less comfort and safety synonymous.
With the camera, the end product is simply bad. If you have no idea namely, the product will be even worse, because the cameras at that time were not just very ergonomic.

The situation is different in the professional class. Synonymous because you can take an older model. Examples are TRV900 (not really professional) or the VX1000.

If you have not even 300 euros, it looks duster.

Antwort von der_kleine_techniker:

What we want to make clear to you is, is that of buying a used camcorder camera gleichzusetzten not like buying a car or notebooks, if only for the Battery and spare parts problems.

Synonymous know I could buy a video amateur, who cherishes his equipment and maintain, and of good conscience, which we used a camera. But these people are exceptions.

If you are even willing to buy an analog camera to Then go to a video club. There are certainly amateurs who now want to replace their analog parts to DV, and are willing to help out an enthusiastic Beginners.

Otherwise, you can do is bring you the video journals of 4 to 5 years and are schlauzulesen. What then "was in vogue."

Antwort von Wastl:


I admit my defeat

anyway thanks for your help

Antwort von Markus:

"Wastl" wrote:
I have read elsewhere, for example a long article praising the SonyDCR TRV 240E, http://www.orthy.de/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=552&mode=&order=&thold =

I've got just reingeschaut and was somewhat appalled by the following observation:

The storage media
Currently difficult coming in: cameras record to DVD. Comfortable does not go. DVD + /-RW drive into the PC and the cut may go off. With mini-DV and Co. must first painstakingly transferred to hard drive.

Most buyers of DVD camcorders, which would strike up here in the forum you lament sometimes impossible because of the post, no understanding of the above statement. Today, everybody knows that MiniDV is much more comfortable, better quality supplies, has a longer shelf life and are easier to edit than a DVD can not be modified.

The rest I will no longer read. ;-)

Antwort von Wastl:

Hi Mark,

you have complied with the date?
The article is 3 years old, three years ago, I dreamed of yet not even a DVD Burners, which to me we are simply too expensive!
But he now stands for a year as an external on the table!

One has been able to put yourself in the time it was written in the article, if one wants to understand.
I have long flirted with a video camera, I wanted to take my children with them. Now they are now nearly 16 +18 and no longer at home, is the great day snowboarding in Oberstdorf.
18 years ago, those things have already tasted synonymous 1800-2000 marks.
over the years have not become cheaper, but instead, better with more EQUIPEMENT and equally expensive.
Well, about a year ago, the brökeln Prices clearly. Theoritisch this would brökeln synonymous with the Gebrauchtpreise down (pull was so synonymous with laptops) So the chance for a bargain would have to rise theoretically. That is my approach!

Antwort von Wastl:


Little note s.Rande.
I am now 50 years old, no longer quite the young deer, but still quite useful for this and I am looking das as a camera that fits me.

With the camera, the end product is simply bad. If you have no idea namely, the product will be even worse, because the cameras at that time were not just very ergonomic.

If I had bought about 4-5 years before one, with which I would be still happy? Or is everything old really junk?

Antwort von Markus:

What opportunities are there three years ago, postprocess s.Computer DVDs? They ought to have been actually even less possible than it is today, synonymous since the computers were not yet so powerful.

But that should not be the issue. ;-)

"Wastl" wrote:
If I had bought about 4-5 years before one, with which I would be still happy? Or is everything old really junk?

VX1000, TRV900, VX9000. These devices come to mind spontaneously.

On the second hand market is emerging is an interesting twist: Since the outbreak of Geizzeit the substantial quality of the consumer camcorder that is takes more s.and) synonymous, the design (size is not for everyone. Then bring the prices car synonymous with a quality deterioration.

In the past there were some among the flagships of camcorders, which today is still able to convince with a good picture-and sound quality (see above). Moreover, the rugged design that can be found today at best in the current flagship, but far more must assume in the entry-level devices.

It is therefore difficult to find a good and inexpensive at-hand. Either it is bad / broken (and cheap)) or good (and expensive.

I wish you good luck in your search yet! ;-)

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

a very entertaining post. About the HC 17 is expected to be admired by with nothing in 5 years just as her successor, HC 23 and HC 14, or your predecessors in 2003, published TRV 14 (or before last Vorvorvorgänger - no idea)

A milestone perhaps SonyVX 700 (first MiniDV) and VX 1000 (first 3CCD MiniDV - as far as I have written white). The already mentioned TRV 900 may be synonymous.

Of the current one is the SonyHC 1 - first defined "affordable", the camera takes high resolution, for 300 ¬ but it is only intended to get in 5 years.

Whether it is a camera obscura of film technology, no idea .....


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