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Anfänger sucht profi kamera für Outdoor TV-Produktion

Beginners looking for outdoor cameras take TV Production

Frage von meisterfu:
September 2010

Hi I am an absolute Camera Beginners, I merely want to a planned project which we want to sell as cheaply as possible, shooting and possibly to television.

I am looking for a cheap camera as possible, eg both in the areas such as synonymous auserhalb (go in through the town) is making good pictures.

You must make sure the pictures are good because people are moving. Should therefore be portable, and record but the sound of the people. They should preferably be digital.

I thought so s.Preisklassen 500-1000 ¬ if there is something.

we probably need more cameras because there will be several groups.

did you give me a hint???

Which format has the currently zb ne camera with the Stefan raab and developed out side on the street filming??

So that's just what I need.

what's the best alternative?

I need your help.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Then take what you can like so much in the store and find something.

The Panasonic 707 is of the moment so the reference.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Moritzk:

If you have a camera like this by Raab, Elton and Co. are looking for then you have already invested some thousands more still.
The small Cams vllt are handy, but without tripod because you get together no clever pictures.

Lg and your success,

Antwort von deti:

"Meisterfu" wrote:
... 'm an absolute Beginners Camera ... want to sell to television. 500-1000 ... price ranges ¬ as if it was there.

Forget it - you will not technically still technically achieve the necessary quality.


Antwort von Moritzk:

As hard as I did not formulate it now :-)
... Is it just what to produce for TV and resell ^ ^ I'll always synonymous if my money is all ^ ^ cough *

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Meisterfu" wrote:
... Am an absolute Beginners Camera ... sell as cheaply as possible ... shooting of television ... You have me a tip? ...

Yes wringing of: A little less naive s.die thing and do not believe that you will turn camera as an absolute beginner with consumer camcorders something that decreases a TV station immediately.
So your project moves through so well it goes with your means and make of it a beautiful film - clean rotated, with good sound (ie not with the built-in camera microphone included), cut exciting - and then s.damit on Vimeo, Youtube & Co. Here you will see that this is not so easy, you will hopefully learn a lot from the mistakes of the first project and manage the second movie better, even better the third, etc.
Even if your film idea so brilliant, is that a station would broadcast your first work, must have a certain minimum quality to be there (again: The sound is as important rather than the Picture) and do not fall from the sky. So do not forget you synonymous acquire the theoretical knowledge, without which it now does not work. No one would buy it a brush and some colors and believe that his first ever painted picture is tomorrow between Rembrandt and Picasso in the museum.
If you still want partout immediately on TV, then look, whether it is an open channel with you: There are the chances of greater beam spread and gives courses on dealing with the art's bargain.

Antwort von campool:

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. "Naïve" - nice euphemism for "totally wrong" (Bernd, please do not be angry with me, I'm angry ;-))!

I collect for five years experience in TV and ONCE it was entitled to operate a studio camera (and this with a sample). Then come here (presumably young) people who know have no idea where to start, but a walk with their effusions DIRECT want to watch TV. I have ever experienced a once in Natura that people think like that (can): OB production - 2010 - 4-3 - all steps analogue - produced for an event technician (5 years in business, 25 years old). Event was over, he comes to the Directing: "I just got an idea: Would not that what the WDR? They have determined it still room for us ..." Place maybe ... in half a year. But do not feel our level of production! We have in our Project already delivered six months and put s.Planung synonymous what clean. But that is inferior in WDR / ARD terms of just the technical Page! You can not work in entering the industry in TV / ER level.

to gain experience with people who know how to do it, are worth gold!

But even to clarify the question: To my knowledge, most recently produced RAAB TV with Panasonic technology, ie kameratechnisch P2 HD.


Antwort von edgar:

@ Meisterfu:

I would not disillusion yes but you have something as well hochgegriffen ""!

to produce for TV stations requires a high value experience, excellent technical skills and the necessary technology to the high technical level of the station's needs.
to make I do not think that here in the forum, many producing for TV (including me), but synonymous outside the TV stations there are many possibilities with video / movie a name - then you can then eventually times s.die doors of the television knock ... if you want.
But synonymous then the chances are very low because the market is highly competitive and many filmmakers want to play in the "first division".

If your budget is just a good used camcorder in there and so is the "anger" go first!
You need light, light shaping, Tripods, floating tripod, microphones, editing software, converters, filters, extra monitors, and so next ...

You will quickly notice that the camcorder price is often lower than the rest around it.
You will have to invest much time to learn the technique and blind you to use (just read somewhere: "A camera is to use as an instrument to play ..." There was much truth in it!)

If it all fits, you also need luck, perseverance and many good contacts - Vitamin "B" can not hurt synonymous:)

In any case, good luck ...

Antwort von edgar:

"Deti" wrote:
"Meisterfu" wrote:
... 'm an absolute Beginners Camera ... want to sell to television. 500-1000 ... price ranges ¬ as if it was there.

Forget it - you will not technically still technically achieve the necessary quality.


That was the rough trowel ...

Antwort von ruessel:

Have you ever posted, but always appropriate:

Antwort von campool:

And since he was quite right! But Hitchcock was a few decades ago still has a PAIR of "those" terms, is now almost become the standard :-(

Antwort von 0711video:

synonymous I still feel my appointed, make mustard.

If I understand correctly, you need the cameras for a social / cultural, etc. project may work for youth groups etc??

for these purposes: you buy used from ebay sd three cameras, each for 200 ¬. 3 pieces for 600 ¬.
rotating in sd-pal and not in hd, or will the wobbling and the blur and the inadequacy of these little "aluminum cans" hd-cameras on large monitors even more unbearable.

if you go mainly at / run rotate, you can reduce the wobble only way in which you possible Turning wide angle (the objective should be wide angle, or you should unscrew a cheap wide angle (can). and also that you go when you had a balance of apple to the head. tripods are floating because of money and lack of exercise do not ask.

ton can be sold separately with NEM include zoom h1 or h4 and then create the section. to you to help someone. for a beginner if it were a grievous gewurschtel.


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