Infoseite // Beginners looking to shoot camcorder learn No.2

Frage von lenni89:

Hello community!

Based on my original post, I will implement my plan for several years now finally in the act of buying me a camcorder. See top post: = # 361 219 )

My project, I have not translated into action.

In the few years, but my criteria have changed only minimally synonymous: the recording medium in which I insisted on tape is, I now no longer so important. It is thus synonymous with a camcorder, flash memory or hard drive are.

Important to me is still the viewfinder and the external controls and connections. The camera should not be cumbersome to use and the video go easy (to) processing of the hand.

My budget has changed somewhat synonymous. The wallet is leaner, so now are about 600 ¬ for a camcorder to disposal. Unfortunately I have no television, but a good computer. I do not know to what extent the influence the search for a suitable my camcorder.

Best regards and many thanks for reading!


Antwort von Lucas:


I sell my Panasonic SD707 a top beginner to advanced Camera!

All information, pictures and CO. to get you can always hang time with me connect! This here is my e-mail:

I'm looking forward to a mail of you!

With kind regards,



Antwort von H_P:

I sold my Panasonic tm 350 with lens hood and UV filter.
The TM 350 has 64gb internal memory
hp.verkauft @


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