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Beste Kamera für Dokufilm in Äthiopien

Best Camera for documentary film in Ethiopia

Frage von Marius Flucht:
Juni 2005

For a documentary film project with a small budget, I just brood over the choice of the best camera. I would have access to an XL1S in Ethiopia, but I would prefer to use as a backup.
The camera can new or used a maximum of 2000 euros cost, and can record full frames should be sufficiently robust to endure both SUVs in the desert dust as synonymous 100% humidity on foot. Have you made perhaps a hint or good and bad experiences?

Thanks for your suggestions, I am curious about everything


Antwort von BPHennek:

Would you like to help, but I'm rarely in the desert, most recently at the Dune du Pilat and Leba in Poland ..., there it was rather dry and a consumer camcorder is synonymous survived the fine sand.

Antwort von FX 1;-):

I tell you a 1st FX Although frames can not record, but is very robust. And the pictures are simply Athemberaubend. Especially with a good polarizer-wow -

Since frames are not better ;-)


Antwort von hanshagel:

I produced a small time movies in Mongolia, in addition I had a simple Sony DCR-TRV510 NTSC MKE300 with a Sennheiser microphone and a SonyWeitwinkelobjektiv, a Sennheiser MD411 + portable DAT recorder (for interviews) and a shoulder / Standstativ.
The equipment is very compact, which I was personally very important and still is. Cost: today surely cost under $ 1000 on Ebay.
The resultative can be proud of duchaus, it does not need to verstek behind many a television documentary. I hope I could give a Imput.

PS / A Battery w looooong endurance is the A and O! I suggest the front SonyNP-F960.

Antwort von A.m.H.:

I have the battery synonymous. So far, I have always been first slack: D

Antwort von GhostDog:

The Panasonic DVX100A has an excellent magnesium chassis.
And her pictures are breathtaking. Synonymous but the PD-170 makes beautiful

, The PD100 will be able to bid for cheap / Buy, synonymous look at you.
Chassis ugly, but very good pictures.

mfg chmee

Antwort von Marius Flucht:

Thanks for the answers! I look in detail at times the recommended cameras. Super. See you soon with the next question!

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Marius,

schau mal in the post "help purchase a new camcorder"

Antwort von Marius.Flucht:

Yes dear, thanks, Mark, the Panasonic seems to me indeed a very excellent choice. Unfortunately, I do slow me very hard on the last meters before the big HD change much to invest money in a MiniDV camera to.
On the other hand can not keep my average team's record so real with the full HD bombast. Or does one of you schonmal hard on a G4 (Powerbook) with 1GB RAM and a total of 200 GB drive seriously cut an HD movie? Already DV is sometimes an adventure.
Reviews like s.mich

liebe Grüße
Marius flight

Antwort von Jan:


The Panasonic AG DVX 100 is really a very interresant Camera with already about 50 degrees angle of view without the converter. But it has synonymous minor quirks such as:

Smooth zooms are with realiesieren hard for her, because if s.Zoomring
is rotated by only 90 ° of the entire zoom range of the DVX 100 is passed through already.

16:9 real one looks at you in vain, only 16 / 9 of adapter may zb
Of Century 16:9 Widescreen Adapter or Optex Anamorphic Adapter
Using (58 threads) hinzubekommen to the effect (very steep, both about 700 ¬)

When 25 P mode reduces the light sensitivity strongly s.bei the DVX 100

The 25 p mode in the DVX 100 is not so much intended for low light or sports shots, but perfect for a professional documentation.
The vertical Resolutionverbessert significantly at 25p, and synonymous with views of artifacts in the images Kantenaufsteilung contribute much more natural.
So perhaps the perfect camera for your document.


Antwort von Jan:


The Panasonic AG DVX 100 / DVC 30 (have) the little brother had recently had a well-weathered acid test on TV. A documentary on the Frankfurt S & H TV with satellite cuttings in 1 or MDR. This zb we went to Minsk, Kiev, Astana (steppe somewhat similar with Africa in terms of wind and sand storms) to 7000m high Pik Pobedy, where the camera is still not giving up, despite snowstorms and icy cold. VideoAktivDigital read in December / January 2005


Antwort von Markus:

"Jan" wrote:
The vertical Resolutionverbessert significantly at 25p ...

-> Progressive scan quality improvement

The vertical Resolutionbei 25p and 50i with 576 pixels is exactly the same, only the method of presentation is different: (25p) progressive with only 25 fps, or (50i) with interlaced and 50 (semi-) frames / s.

Antwort von Jan:


one could also argue:

The special s.25 P arises from the differences to PAL.Videosystem. One of the Pal Basics: A Picture Pal has 625 lines, it is transmitted line by line and displayed. Each picture is processed, but in two separate parts: The first field consists of the odd lines (1,3,5 ...) the second from the even (2,4,6 ...) On the screen, therefore, constantly changing odd and even fields from. This is known in English as an interlaced scan ". This procedure has several disadvantages: the two fields, such as 2 combs stuck together. Have the captured moving objects, the fields seem to be laterally offset. The overall picture seems broken, vertical edges are jagged, hard horizontal edges in the picture may result in a trembling effect. Each CCD chips in current Pal camcorder takes the same time to 576 lines. Why only 576 and not 625? Because of the 625 lines of the Pal system are only 576 actually used for the image content. The electronics read out all 576 lines. In a 2 step, they added more and 2 consecutive rows generated from the 288 lines so calculated one field. This approach brings greater light sensitivity with the same SNR and veringert the quivering effect. The addition of the line but has a hook! : It reduces the vertical resolution. Mismatch, the two fields simultaneously but in succession - the reason for the "dismemberment" The 25-P system has many advantages: it solves the problems described with interlaced images achieves a higher vertical Resolutionund fits better together with the world of computers and other equally progressive working displays . Although to be synonymous with 25P read the 576 rows of the CCD chip, the next step, however, is omitted: the addition of pairs of lines. The synonymous explains why the sensitivity is much lower at 25p. Instead, the camcorder records 576 lines as 2 consecutive 288 lines-fields. In contrast to the interlaced method eletrotechnics read in Progressive Scan So the two fields from the same time, they fit together perfectly. Tracked be progressively read out the two fields as in interlaced, which is why have photographs of the 25P camcorder itself with any PAL playback device. The impression is similar to the picture, shot on film of what one knows, but copied movies on video here. Sensitive viewers perceive this as a slight stroboscopic effect. Good profile is synonymous to higher vertical Resolutionim Progressive Mode. It results from the fact that there is no line addition.

Found in Videoaktiv digital edition March / April 2003


Antwort von Marius Flucht:


This all sounds to me very much like the Panasonic, if I lend it to me now (about ¬ 700 raw) or buy (around 2700 ¬ raw).
In order to work nicely and sent it to me would lend me Lenses synonymous but in any case, even a decent telephoto zoom and a decent wide angle lens would probably be necessary. Have you since your tips, love Videovollprofis?
In addition, I will, if nothing mischievous speaks against the micro inputs s.der Camera and use of an external DATRecorder let their fingers. What do you think? Have you also for good measure, still quite a hot tip for a Micro? I have a surprisingly good ball NoName micro and still needed a hand to Richtmikrotip.

I am of the quality of your posts the way, very impressed. Thank you for your comprehensive help

said Marius

Antwort von travel_world:

Hey Marius!

I just landed on this Page totally fresh and joyful and was amazed with your questions about the camera for äthiopien dok seen!

Register it time for me, that is the same plane, s.DEz. 05 :-)

And the suggestions on the cams are perfect, namely, look for the absolutely perfect, and payable supergut 3 - chip cam with these requirements exactly ;-)


riiiiik ....

Antwort von Jan:


tell me if I am wrong but my feeling was the Panasonic AG DVX 100
a Leica Dicomar 10x optical zoom and no change lens mount, of course, with converter can be improved. With Exchangeable optics you already have the XL 1, s, or XL 2 go in the entry-level price. Although there are many synonymous to not unduly Lenses, I know 20x zoom lens XL (opt. stability + fluorite), 16x XL Manual Zoom Lens XL Zoomweitwinkelobjektiv or 3x. When there are many good micro of Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic Unfortunately, they have their price. But with the DVX 100, you can not take 50 ¬ Micro, 2 XLR connections are indeed available - the ticket for a professional sound.



Antwort von GhostDog:


Antwort von GhostDog:

I myself have the dvx100a and had ne doku made about 2 months in new zealand.
buy! 2 batteries to light and possibly a head with xlr connection. to a PowerBook and ready.

I myself had a real (!) steadicam there.

top is forming, light can supplement with nem styro. otherwise ndfilter pure dazzle on, always beautiful images.

Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

please say what kjkjkjkkk?

Please reply no preference as negative.


Antwort von Jan:


wenns go to Lenses for the XL series, there is one known Kleinbildspiegelreflexobektive EF adapter where you can connect with the XL series.
Unfortunately, these are just for the 24x36 mm negatives or positive thought.
The chips of the XL's are only 1 / 3 "size (Ok 3 of them), so approx 5mm CCD diagonal, but the Small 43 mm. The light path of the Lenses are still anticipated for Small and light comes through clearly changed, with so large sizes.
So I do not believe that the EF Lenses s.The quality in connection with the approaching of the XL XL Camera Lenses. Let me, however, like to teach XL of 1.1 s or 2 owners.


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