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Frage von Dusty80:


I am desperately in search for the best
Export settings of Adobe Premiere Pro.

The goal is to burn a Blue-ray with the best possible image quality.

With the ideas and the Google of searching I'm pretty s.Ende :-(

I describe my approach for a quick:

My Camera HDC-HS700 makes 1080/50i movies.

Apart from the fact that they could 1080/50p synonymous.
But this is not my knowledge of Adobe officially

I import the AVCHD movies as 1080i25 (50i)
Adobe Premiere Pro.

I do export the file then with the following options:

Format: H.264 Blu-ray

[X] export video [x] Audio Export [] In Device Centra ...

PAL, 1920x1080, 25 fps, Upper
PCM, 48 kHz, stereo
VBR, 2 pass, target 25.00, Max 30.00 Mbit / s

Sequence, Multicam01
1920x1080 (1.0), 25.00 fps, Upper, 00:27:36:21
48000 Hz, stereo

Basic video settings:
TV Shape: PAL
Frame Size [pixel] 1920x1080

Frame rate [fps]: 25
Field Order: Upper

Level: 4.1
[X] rendering with maximum depth

Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass
Bitrate Level: High
Target Bitrate [Mbps]: 25
Max bit rate [Mbit / s]: 30

Advanced Settings
[] Set keyframe interval
[] Macroblock Adaptive Frame / Field Coding

[X] Max rendering quality using use [] preview
[X] frame blending use

Although I have a feeling that this is about a
the best settings, I believe the
Final result is not 100%.

I see some noise, weaker contours
and movements of the liquid no longer seem so
as the original.

Is this normal after having edited a video
has, or is it perhaps better settings?

I am aware that I am with a slight loss of quality
must be expected. But I always thought that this can hardly be
be seen.

Even if I Project to Encore and export directly a
Blue-ray burn I have the same effect.

For suggestions I would be very grateful!

Best regards



Antwort von Fendt:

Hi Dusty,

just read yesterday that one should be "smart rendering" option. With this option, the original files that you have not worked, without recalculating to include in the video. This speeds up the calculation time and to improve quality.
Then the question, what is your UasgangsBitrate. I know your camera, but the traditional HD cameras are generally 17 to 24 Mbits some Mbits. Without this I know I can imagine that an artificial extrapolating irgentwas changed. But it will never be able to improve quality. But perhaps negative influence ...
Too high a data rate of the playback device can be synonymous overwhelm Without the file must be bad, it looks after choppy or just in motion noise.
Enable Smart Rendering
Bit rate to target: 13 Mbits to Max 17Mbit
Format other than MP4 (I personally do not MP4, I'm probably too stupid to go switch, but I find other High "containers" better) If it's another "container" is possible

Let's see me, what comes out there now.

Greeting Fendt


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: Apart from the fact that they could synonymous 1080/50p.
But this is not my knowledge of Adobe officially

Let's expand your knowledge ;-))
Premiere supports the 1080 50 p in full, so the import, for sequencing (1 click) to the completely correct export in 1080 50p.
What is not supported, the creation of BR with these parameters, these are the specs of BR simply not provided.
Here, the legendary value on quality not avoid cutter in 25p/50i or other resolutions, it is its authors in 720 BR 50 p.
The result is a wonderful results, beyond all FullHD discussions.
This should be your workflow to the fantastic results of this option depends on standard full advantage.

No idea what does smart render Mr Fendt with, I do not know any NLE? the avc files treated in such a way I would synonymous
his opinion of H264 disagree vehemently.
Try the above described way, then tell something about the result.


Antwort von Jörg:

, -,


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