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Frage von krii:

have recently a few movfils () sorenson3codiert on my google video account loaded, unfortunately, was more than just playback choppy ..
According to one support mpeg2 or mpeg4 with mp3 audio using ..
My material is output from dvavi premiere.
s.besten as I do that now? mpeg4 is indeed not auto divx, ocer?
with virtual dub I never find the settings for audio mp3 video mpeg4, etc. If I choose.
urgently needed tips which format really works!
google thinks so synonymous one should encode the files still 720x576, 5000kbps, is not that a little big to stream, or are not streaming?
thanks for help


Antwort von mtb-design:

Take the h.264 codec with quicktime (QT 7)
This is an MPEG 4 codec.

or as a sensor 3 with progressive download option


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