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guter Ton in der Kirche.

Best sound in the church.

Frage von cwessjohann:
Juni 2010

Hi, I have a few days before a wedding filmed in a church.
The Tripod with Dolly with an XHA1 and HV30 of a balcony. Optical result is really OK.
I had problems with the sound. I have a Shure SM58 + XLR Sennheiser SKP 100 (G2) connected spark gap at the top of the camera and a Sennheiser ME66.
The audio level of both mics I have manual distributed depending on the loud passages of song posts. Manually, because I wanted to have in the many quiet passages no noise. The control of the bars in the display was still synonymous with good values supposedly quiet passages. Indeed, the quiet passages too quiet and can only gain in postproduction with clear audible. Which, of course synonymous again leads to Noise.
At concerts, I had a sum of a mixer and my Sennheiser ME66 => very good.
It was my first wedding and I should once again come to the embarrassment it would be better.
Q. What mics should take in such cases and make it better audio on the car?

Antwort von rush:

Moin ...

so I can not quite understand why you are running at a wedding a SM58 on radio path ... This makes sense only in my eyes when the pastor, or who speaks always synonymous and the microphone in front of his mouth is.

As atmosphere microphone or recording of music in general, it is to be used in any case hardly. Then you already rather as an instrument mic, or if you very loud level ... at weddings, but rarely - except vllt. in the subsequent party;)

Did you have headphones that?! If you are unsure always listen in between! Of course it is not wrong at Music on the loud passages ausszusteuern ... but you must then pull up again synonymous with spoken passages else have you seen how even a clearly low level ...

I am s.rumschrauben only at weddings ... because care must be taken continuously.

If the total you've usually already done a mixed level and then need nachpegeln because hardly ...

I would try ME66 with the existing as close as possible to come to the action - such as through your radio link .... and then this always synonymous nachpegeln s.der Camera.

Antwort von cwessjohann:

Moin synonymous.
The SM58 was almost like a quick shot. Was just there and I thought the sound would be better as with a directional microphone. Clear error of myself.
A recommendation for an alternative is not bad.

Sound pressure levels even with the constant is an additional burden. This is then surely synonymous nor the pressure levels in the postproduction. Will probably make it difficult for the different volumes to always find the same attitude.

That would keep ME66 I like the camera. Is light, fits well and I get the sound from the correct direction.

Antwort von Manuell:


So I film weddings usually not synonymous, but then this had made it again two weeks ago.

As a choir sang, I have taken with the Beyerdynamic MCE72, which is a stereo microphone. I have gepegelt manual, so it is not overridden. take singing in church, especially choir I find it very difficult because it is very very loud passages are synonymous and very quiet. But if the sound is the loudest place gepegelt to fit it should.

Then I as the second microphone Beyerdynamic MCE86 of about 3-4 meters Entfehrnung addressed to the pastor and the sound synonymous ausgeseteurt manual.

I am quite happy with the result, as I by the micro-directional in speaking of the priest not as an evil and Hall have won the choir sounds beautiful full.

So I can recommend this technique, which would be even better. Lavalier would be a priest and then over the radio path.

I think my version of a very good solution.

In postproduction, I would then try again with Denoiser to get your sound loud and noise free.

Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

The speakers have full right in everything:
1st Shure SM 58 in the church has ever lost anything, only works as a vocal microphone and interview in the absolute Nahbesprechungsbereich. And even then the thing has some level because it is a dynamic microphone.
2nd I sit at weddings, the ME 66 with a radio path forward in the couple, for Howe's word synonymous and the pastor.
3rd As Atmo I have a ME 64 (ME = 66 but less so cardioid) directly on the camera SONY PD 150, the rear of filming. There, I control manual from synonymous. Most things in but the postproduction.
4th Second cameraman, who's Picture only, but does not have to worry about the sound, the front side in the chancel. Since the built-in microphone ranges in the XM2, which you can take to synchronize, or as an emergency sound, if - as I committed a week ago - one of greed partly used battery in the radio path. Embarrassing. Located in the Yes-word ...
But dat we get back.
Enjoy more weddings to wish Walter

Antwort von Manuell:

Hehe. During my recording of someone actually rang the phone during the Yes-word of the bridegroom, but as I praise the microphone where you hear something like it does not.

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