Infoseite // Big problem: studying film?

Frage von Festivaldrummer:

I am 17 years old and doing my A-levels next year.
I'm looking for about three years for any kind of event. Whether sound or lighting technology that is synonymous video technology.
In the autumn before last year, I then did an internship at WDR in Düsseldorf am there and gone through different areas. But I was still sure that I will study and Event-managemant.
3 weeks ago I was then s.Tag the open door in the university in Berlin where I like to study and will have by chance in the idea of the Department of Audiovisual Media (camera left).
I was up and gone. Absolute madness. I had a feeling ... that you have to do.
Now my question:

If the Beuth University in Berlin, the only university which offers something like that?
And there is not even film schools that specialize specifically to such a thing?

It would be nice if you could provide me even a few recommendations, because in Momment I have no overview at all because in the industry.

Sunny greetings



Antwort von Mantas:

studies of this has to do less with veranstaltungstechnik.

And clearly, there are hff and dffb


Antwort von Bernd E.:

There are a number of both State and private film schools synonymous:
Look at you at times synonymous

Antwort von Valentino:

The information on are synonymous not as up to date
The Camera program in Dortmund is already running for a few years from now and will be replaced by two new camera studies at the KHM and IFS led next.
New to come since this summer, the course "Medien.Gestaltung & Production" s.der Hochschule Offenburg.


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