Infoseite // Big problem with insert / copy of AVI files in the Track column

Frage von dj-senol:


My colleague has several scenes with "Fraps" to me and asked him for these scenes in a video to convert. The problem here is that we live far apart.
That's why he has his scenes with VirtualDub a bit and cut it to an AVI file rendered with the codec: XviD, Name: XviD 1.1.2 Final, so that with Fraps recorded file is not so great and he can send me better .

Now I have these files and finds that if I import into Sony Vegas, I do not in the Track column, and can edit. Now I Stitz with all files and there does not come next :-(

The scenes captured with Fraps, he unfortunately is no longer synonymous, only rendered.

I am asking for help to solve this problem and to clarify whether it is solvable at all.

Cheers Ben


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Ben,

DivX is everything other than a beneficial compression, where a subsequent DV editing goes (the term end-compressed
This is less annoying. ;-)


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