Infoseite // Bilora Video Pro II double-Profilo Velbon DV 936 or -7000?

Frage von Tippmann:


I am a layman and only one video Panasonic HDC-SD66, but would use it in conjunction with a tripod to get a quiet steadiness.

I vacillate between these two stands now:

- Bilora Video Pro II double-Profilo 936
- Velbon DV -7000

Are there particular features that should move me to the purchase of one or the other stand, or can be described both in good conscience as equivalent?

The Bilora can seem easier / faster leveling, but has the Velbon a spider (better stability ?)...

Thank you in advance


Antwort von Mink:

The synonymous Bilora has a spider ....


Antwort von Auf Achse:


I know the Velbon 7000 but not you can give information to Bilora:
For almost 120 ¬ is the price - performance ratio for a double pipe stand a real madness! The whole process is good for the price right, the plastic gate acting on the legs are a bit cheap but OK. Recently, someone wrote that he runterkriegt the Schnellverschlussplatte after fumbling for minutes ... I can not confirm.
The head is not very precise, the bearings in both axes have a little game, the terminals, the head warps synonymous a little (given the price still no reason to bleat and for ordinary amateurs certainly not a problem)
A big advantage of the Bilora Halbschalenmontage is the head, thus he can bring in a few seconds in the horizontal, no fiddly legs clean and Rausschieben to calibrate.
Padded carrying case is included.
However, the weight compensation Panasonic s.Kopf be too strong for your who can not adjust as with more expensive heads.

On axis


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