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Frage von Rob1n:


I have a small film project with friends and made a scene, someone is pulled through the forest and be a blood trail behind.
The blood trail, I wanted to now with After Effects, but I do not know quite how, I've just created a red screen, which is then adjusted at each frame is masked, but that looks highly unrealistic and jerky from synonymous strong because I so everybody Frame must change again, not perfect but it can do as the tracker ...

Someone knows better how to create a blood trail can?


Antwort von Maxisoft2:


What is the "pulled" person to see?

If the camera has practically the person, as they pulled, I would the whole first track. Without tracking kannste realism in terms of the almost totally forgotten - for something so similar to the optimal recording tracker sticking points.

As a blood trail itself, you should not s.Besten red uniform level, but for example here:
a texture which looks s.Rand easily vertropft.

Then s.Besten the towed's image and the blood trail (which you've completely s.Boden festgetracked) with an additional mask is always a bit next reveal. Somewhere I even have time to view a tutorial ... Faith

& Good luck
- MS

If you are not interested in, you can do me like that Videofile to you. With me is just depressed and I need something to turn-around-toss :-).


Antwort von serpenteye:

I have something synonymous ever made. I do not like your film clip looks like. Therefore I do not know whether it is feasible. The material must be very quiet.

In my blood, I have a trace level + 3D Camera created. The level in perspective, I have the real ground. Use of Trapcode Particular, I then recreated the blood trail. In effect, there is an attitude that the particulate level s.der 3D stick. Then I have to track a blood Motion Blur set so that it looks smeared.

In this instance, you can very well draw the blood spatter s.Wände inject and run down.

I hope I could help.

Good luck with your project.


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