Infoseite // Bluray DVD (AVCHD) from Final Cut Pro - How?

Frage von Randoms:

I know that one has to choose in FCP7 directly on "SEND" the Bluray template.
If I do, always done two things:
1) The rendering takes forever
2) Then (one night later), the DVD ejected with the message "not enough space"

So I grundlegenedes problem:
I edit AVCHD files with which I log / transfer was captured as ProRes. Now I would like of course the movie in the best possible quality save external.
Hence the question:
- To what codec should I export and on what medium?
- I would prefer this Bluray player capable AVCHD DVDs, at least as long as I still have no Bluray burner.
But as toast Bsp always want to re-encode (I will not).
Then there is in this Bluray template Compressor synonymous with the H.264 codec, but how do I burn this then?

Maybe someone to NEN workflow is relatively easy to understand?


Antwort von Piers:

So I think for a long time for the lowest external HDD's decision as a backup.
A 1TB disk you get already for 70 Euronen. This is certainly a little more expensive than DVD's, but if I add on my work schedule, then the whole is once again unbeatable prices.
DVD's and Co always require a conversion here, conversion takes there, then the eternal and really secure the silver discs are not synonymous.
Back up to a HDD is on the other hand relatively quickly. Just in the codec, in that your project is created, or at your present Rohclips export the timeline. In addition, of course, still pack the Final Cut Pro Project into the folder and the backup is finished.


Antwort von Randoms:

Yes already, clearly, I am synonymous.
But I want so synonymous NEN medium that have portability, may give to and / or NEM customers.
And in the DVD cabinet, I want the projects are synonymous.

I've just tried this out again, rendering that goes relatively quickly with the Send submission FCP7 Bluray burn, but does not work, and there is no error synonymous.
I do not next ....


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