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Blurayplayer an HDSDI-Videomischer

Blurayplayer s.HDSDI Video Mixer

Frage von Markus_Krippner:
Januar 2010

Servus :-)

Kenn (nen someone; dirty) trick, how to make running a Bluray player in full quality s.einem HDSDI video switcher for?

Bluray HDMI out ---> Black Magic HDMI to HDSDI converter ---> Mixer

does not work. Is probably probably the fact that the Black Magic is not HDCP capable.

Does anyone know ne solution?

Thank you ...

markus ... :-)

Antwort von PeterM:

The question is what are you going to do.
If you want auspielen HDCP material aktivertes, there is no legal possibility. Here in China you can buy such a converter.
If it's just about the playing of Bluerays example is from our own production as a viable solution, you could still help the DAC 9 of Datavideo. It is important to note here the support of my knowledge all the cheap HDMI-SDI Converter no 24P.
Unfortunately, it is synonymous so it does not work certain pairs of players and SDI converters.
There you have but here explicates of "dirty talk" I'm going to assume there is no legal solution for you, so you only remain illegal imports on eBay, etc.

Antwort von deti:

Dirty always goes:

- If your BD player does not have component output, then take HdFury http://www.hdfury.com/

- The HD component signal via the "Analog to SDI" convert converter of Blackmagic Design. Quality-wise there should be able to notice any difference.

Or do you just take an HD-SDI-enabled BD players:

This is probably the better solution than buying a bunch of still Converter synonymous (if these players are not exactly cheap) - if you do not just "dirty want".


Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

Thanks for the replies.

I have nothing illegal in it. I want to be prepared just in case, if the paying customer with spontaneous ner Bluray comes to his desk and says, "You be the time to play please".

It would be difficult to explain to the customer then that although he has money pile nen zahln rent for the HD video director, but a vulgar Bluray is not playable.

markus ... :-)

Antwort von Alf_300:

Since schauts bleak.
Habs mal Try with Samsung BD-P1000 and Intensity (FW351)
Componente when everything is black

Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

Synonymous Meanwhile, I came to the conclusion that Blu-ray (HD) - YUV out on Black Magic "Analog to SDI" converter paradoxically NOT work.

Where you might think but really, that the analog YUV out with HDCP has nothing to do.

I'm gonna go investigate further still, and HOLN me so nen HDfury.

markus ... :-)

Antwort von Alf_300:

So I thought synonymous

You could schaun times - if it would work with the right of return
and YUV to HDMI

Antwort von deti:

True, the main components of BD players to make copy-protected BDs only SD resolution. Since brauchts in each case, an HD Fury or a converted BD player.


Antwort von Alf_300:

How schauts because with a normal HDMI Switcher from
Mixer Switcher, Blu Ray player in switcher and then irgenwo Hin

Antwort von deti:

"Alf_300" wrote:
How schauts because with a normal HDMI Switcher from
Mixer Switcher, Blu Ray player in switcher and then irgenwo Hin

The help in this case, since HDCP is still made. I would buy for this purpose a modified BD player - because it saves the tinkering and know that behind HD-SDI comes out.


Antwort von Markus_Krippner:

I'll try some:

Bluray HDMI out -> HDfury -> Black Magic "Analog to SDI.
It cost me only the HDfury addition ... all other devices are already available and paid for.

I hope that HDfury -> Black Magic "Analog to SDI works." Somewhere in the fine print in HDfury (HDfury2) is that somehow comes out as well in addition to VGA / RGBHV / YUV synonymous.

If this goes wrong, I'll probably drag so nen modified Bluray player must consider.

The idea is basically synonymous with the switcher well as a last resort. It could be the Bluray will not stop "mix" but only proof switch "s.Schluß instead of the mixer.

However, I forgot to mention that the mixer only has HD-SDI inputs and outputs. Should ideally remain synonymous. HDMI signals I would only use "rackintern. All walks in and what goes out is to be HD-SDI.

markus ... :-)

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