Infoseite // Bokeh for the best price: Cheapest Camera with shallow depth of field?

Frage von Nathanjo:


synonymous if I'm not really Beginners, my question is I think s.besten here.

Although I am the movie look-trend at least in the range of depth of focus have always refused (was easy, after all expensive or at least expensive), I am now angelagt s.einem point where I would just like something more.

My JVC GZ-HD30 has to offer with her 1 / 3 inch sensor to quite a lot, but sometimes I wish for dialogue and close-ups a little less depth of field.

Which would be the cheapest way (without high demands, such as manual settings) s.Aufnahmen in 720p25 with low depth of field to get close?

I've already looked at the DSLR and compact system camera, but thought maybe there are good tips here. The next under 500 ¬, the better ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

GH1 (3) used


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