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Frage von tommyfuny:

Soo my dear friends of trashy taste!
Here he is now a new creation from the house Wasteland Pictures!


zum Bild

STORY: Once again one of those movie nights, a horror film after another and eventually, the little hungry ...
THE RESCUE: The pizza service, but what if the messenger is a poor madman?

All the info and the download at:


Contribution from the mod in the section "My Projects" postponed.


Antwort von darklord77:

I would have viewed the film like, unfortunately, sets you interested stones intentionally placed in the way:
1. Mirror 1 - Wait (273743)-no idea how many seconds
until the Donload starts. Who waits there? None!

2. Mirror 2: The download starts 2 times after I waited 10 seconds have (Countdown). With a fabulous, almost breathtaking speed of 5 KB. Hooray, I'm in the time of my 56K modem back. Who do you invite an approximately 130 MB large file with those artificially slow speed of 5 (!) Kb? - None!

Mirror 3: Error 404
Mirror 4: no link back!

I do not understand something! Do not even ¬ 4 a month for reasonable webspace drin? Since you do not need.öhns and can direct the download of your own space to download.

No wonder that you still None responded. The film may indeed be good just kind of thinking you do not want the one sees.
Just as you here the people from abhälst the movie to load.

Nothing for ungut. I only wish you and give you tips on blatant mistakes. Since I am a professional in the Internet advertising industry'm rolling with my toenails always high when I see something.

People - does it make to consumers as easy as possible, otherwise nothing.
It begins with a reasonable web s.and listens to well-to-use, functional, targeted websites righteous still a long way to ...



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"darklord77" wrote: ... I would have viewed the movie like ...
If you use it "only" watch and not want to download, you can do so on the sevenload do: I've just tested it starts the film handgestoppte ten seconds after you click on the link, without waiting on mirrors or whatever.

Gruß Bernd E.


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