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Frage von Paul*Berlin:

following problem: I have a few weeks ago recorded a concert, which I now want to cut. I want 2 songs that I recorded the singers lip-sync, with piecing the images that I created during the rest of the concert (stage shot, musician-Close-Ups, Cam next drummer).
However, it is directly in front of the concert something very doofes happened: I had to find that the Batteries that I've taken for my microphone not work in Microphone. There were no synonymous Batteries available that I could have used. So I had to build on-camera microphone. The quality is synonymous become really great, and I have extra 2 Songs the Camera "kept quiet" and not changed my position and particular care taken not to come s.die microphones. So I have a good audio recording.
Only dämlicherweiße I have in the hustle and bustle of the "broken" microphone and the fact that it was my first real concert shoot, not made sure that the Microphone is set to Zoommikrofon. So I have changed during the said 2 songs only with the zoom between Total and singer-Close-Up.
As a result, I have a video in which each will zoom the sound extremely dunpf, because I was not the box, but the singer was filmed.

How do I get out there, that these hollow bodies no longer are so dull, and I back to the other parts "andumpfe"? I have on playing a bit of the raw material s.den treble and bass controls played my small mixer, they have already helped a little but not much.

I have also installed a professional audio editing software, just an old version of Nero Wave Editor (but already synonymous of 2004 or so) and just my editing program, Pinnacle 14th

Am grateful to all the tips!
Best regards,


Antwort von bArtMan:

Place times 2 files online. Once dull, dull is not one. Then you can assess whether you can not do something. Each excerpt please about 30 seconds.


Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

So, here is the link to MegaUpload, I hope the file is now available. Here at slashCAM so no one can upload mp3s ... so you need not actually synonymous ...

achso, it's just a clipping has become synonymous with the then listen to the transition is. file is now synonymous available


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