Infoseite // Broadcast quality film output - Halbbildfehler!

Frage von irisan:

Have a small issue-problem:
My film should be broadcast quality, I'll get him back but always with reference to many terrible Halbbildfehler.
The original material is Mini-DV, the finished film was so Final Cut Pro from spending. The settings gaze so like this: bit rate: 30.34 Mbps
DV - PAL, 720 × 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 28.80 Mbps
The requirements for the issue are:
Quote: " MPG has to be delivered as a program stream (IBP)
" MPEG 2, (if the software allows this information: MP @ ML)
" Video format: 720 x 576 pixels 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, frame rate: 25.00 fps
Nominal bitrate: 15.000 kbit / s or 15 Mbit / s CBR or VBR (variable or constant bit rate)
If the software allows this setting: Croma size: 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Frame field order:
" Top or Upper Field First

Now my film has even lower fields first.
I'm from the compressor with the above requirements and therefore spent half frames: upper first selected.

Nevertheless, the finished film is s.Röhrenmonitor flickering and unsendbar.
What can I do???
Please help!


Antwort von tommyb:

But you have already seen that the guidelines speak in your quoted text of MPEG2 - DV movies you but for your uses?

So you have a DV source material, which has of nature BFF (bottom field first). You cut your film and give it as a DV out again, but you let in Compressor (why always synonymous) TFF (top field first) one.

If you spend the rubbish as DV, then you have to spend synonymous BFF.

Give you the movie as MPEG2 from (as in the specifications as required), then you need synonymous TFF set - but only if it is MPEG2!

In short: DV = / = MPEG2

In other jerky it for one simple reason:
DV is actually ALWAYS BFF - unless it is geflagt wrong or incorrectly coded. If you enter the export TFF, the playback system assumes, however, that it is BFF (since it is DV), there is Halbbildrucklern.


Antwort von irisan:

thanks for the answer!
ok, I've probably inaccurately expressed:
I've spent the time as a DV film with BFF.
This I would now like to convert to MPEG2, with TFF.
So I have the DV film opens in the compressor, MPEG2 selected and set the field dominance of odd. Should it not now be without halbbildflackern?


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