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Frage von imprint:

So hab da mal ein problem and although I made a video with the movie maker and wanted to save, but then always come Movie Maker funtioniert no more "and then switches to the simple and the video is gone. Hab now synonymous some other programs ausbrobiert with which it works, but not synonymous. White is now synonymous not yet what I can do.


Antwort von Eugen von ...:

"imprint" wrote: Hab now synonymous some other programs ausbrobiert
Word? Excel? Skype?
Seriously, if you like someone to help with your Problem P, then back out at least information about what materials you handle and HOW and with WHAT program.
Otherwise, the nix.


Antwort von GiZ:

what other programs och hates you use? I can not imagine that several similar programs react. If the digitized material of you or what format is it? Movie Maker is a simple program that is often synonymous with schonmal video nem longer crashes. Ca p.10 critical minutes.

Gruß Martin


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