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The background of this thread reads


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Des isch ja s.analog.


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

I rüberkopiert the times here.

"Guest" wrote: The silence of the forest is over ;-)

So first of all must be noted that a motion judder is seen at 24 or 25p only as such when Entret two things simultaneously:

1. A relatively large angular displacement of the moving object of Picture in Picture and
2. a relatively sharp edge of a moving object

The product from 1 and 2 could be regarded as a quasi-constant in the no unpleasant jolting strikes.

The cameramen then fiddle around with their settings are often very long, as they can keep this constant and not exceed.
This, the screen layout (design depth) and synonymous, the exposure time is used (rather long), so both quickly blurred Moving shown. With conventional mini-DV cameras amateur with her 1 / 3 "sensors, however, point 1, at least not very feasible.

In addition, appear to be in slow motion with such reproducing equipment. 48 fps to 24 fps in double exposures copied. It can not, of course, move the whole picture, but the strong moving object in Einzelbildanalysern are relatively sharp, but twice shown. Example of the tennis ball during flight in the movie "The Match" of Woody Allen.
You're absolutely right, in professional films a motion judder is relatively rare, but stop working with all the tricks.

Well, the points you mentioned you are a little sparse. But at least you have expressed yourself again.

Ashes over my head, "The Match" I do not know, though of Woody Allen. But Is now on my rental list. Then I look at me so. But it sounds more like it, as if a slight slow motion Normal images OR by Einzelbildüberblendung been further slowed. So almost never the rule.

To the point "12";)

Of course, jerky is something more) than in 50i (please no debate on procedures. But with the variable shutter open another (called it wing panel is synonymous okay), we have at 24fps 1/48sek. Then the edges of moving objects are blurred really sufficient to contribute to not hectic (to the unspeakable "Private Ryan" with a very small Hellsektor in the opening sequence, which greatly jerky). At 180 °, the edge is up to half the distance traveled by the moving object, blurred. One sees the well synonymous with raindrops in the film, how far is the variable shutter open.

But if you out with the camera by a contrasting motif of quickly and shoulder herschwenkt, only heightens one synonymous with poor video permanently.

Let's keep it here?


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but synonymous ashes over my head, the film is called Match Point, The match probably will not know why ;-))


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Then I have the yes indeed a long time on my rental list at Amazon:)

I'm curious ..


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