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Einbruch in der slashCAM-Redaktion – Bitte um Eure Mithilfe

Burglary in the Slashcam editorial - request for your help

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Mai 2008

Burglary in the Slashcam editorial - request for your help of Slashcam - 7 May 2008 14:28:00
On the night of 6 on 7 May be others. in our editorial as well as neighboring companies in Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg has been an intrusion perpetrated in which a lot of valuable equipment that we are in the testing laboratory had been stolen. If anyone of you one of the devices falls into the hands of or is offered, we ask you to contact us directly to report (030- or Slashcam - at - slashcam.de). The following devices are s.sofort at the police station, the respective companies and service partners, and as many lending Hehlerware reported with serial number:

Panasonic HPX500 [s / n d7ts00013]
Optics Fujinon 17x7, 6BERM [s / n 421934]
Viewfinder AJ-VF15 [s/nc7a0035my]

Sachtler Speed Lock CF Tripod + fluid head Video 15 SB

Apple 24-inch LCD [s / n 2a5081pdpkl]
Apple G5

SonyZ7 [s / n 210483]
SonyS270 [s / n 3210173]

and a SonyPD150

For successful instructions for the seizure of the offender or for the replacement of the goods, there is a reward.

Please keep your eyes open - we are grateful for any hint! The editors of course as usual next - in the coming days there will be a massive update of our popular camcorder database that is synonymous in the test pictures of the stolen Z7 and S270 will be ... so stay tuned ...

It thanked the Slashcam editors

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Antwort von PowerMac:

Shit ... 30,000 dollars away ...

Antwort von ef.multimedia:

I do not believe that the gang of thieves to camera enthusiasts, it will therefore try to determine the parts on ebay etc. auction. Since I am quite sure.

Because you already know what they are from the other companies have stolen?

Antwort von r.p.television:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Shit ... 30,000 dollars away ...

I think it is not enough. The HPX-500 and Optics make this sum is already out.

Did this link which reads:


The offender was in the Berlin area on the road. However, until now apparently only as a tenant of Equipment followed with embezzlement and Ebay sales. As a direct theft yes fairly equivalent.
Precisely for this reason it is perhaps still not wrong times in this direction to investigate.

Antwort von mr.cliff:

This will help you now, perhaps not really next - but could damage future such "prevent" ...

Antwort von flipmo:

pwn3d ...

Antwort von flipmo:

one should look at ebay vll. Poland to look. I think of times you need to Berlin to Poland, just 1 hours vll. 2 hours through the town but then it is because now and where the limits "open" are synonymous over very quickly!

Antwort von ef.multimedia:

I've already done, nothing suspicious found. The so synonymous not give the series numbers. I think the thieves are the cameras and Lenses, etc. until a few days, online or otherwise sell. I hope the police look Deustche synonymous mainly on the Ebay site in the eastern European countries.

Antwort von flipmo:

"ef.multimedia" wrote:
... I hope the police look Deustche synonymous mainly on the Ebay site in the eastern European countries.

I think this rather unlikely - such thing does not go to Eastern Europe - the people there to buy "new product". I think not synonymous, that the parts on ebay and will not - I guess times that any "cameraman" one of the radical terrorist group on new equipment soon will be looking ... or a "news man" of a religiously oriented 3rd World propaganda channel ...

Antwort von r.p.television:

The stuff is actually just almost sold abroad, because the equipment serial numbers, thanks to this country is simply too hot. If a buyer is the serial number of an insurance company indicating that there would probably be as high Hehlerware go.
However, there are enough examples where stupidity and brazenness together as synonymous with the increasingly frequent cases of misappropriations of rental companies. There are the cameras a few days later on the German Ebay offered.
Maybe the thieves are so uninformed that they have missed is that owners of such cameras usually always have the serial number for the insurance somewhere noted.
I any case I would not be too surprised if the goods are actually offered at Ebay.

Antwort von flipmo:

I believe that if the perpetrators that they read the cams back voluntarily.

Antwort von flipmo:

"ef.multimedia" wrote:
I hope the police look Deustche synonymous mainly on the Ebay site in the eastern European countries.

Everything slotted ears and thieves dadrüben.

Antwort von flipmo:

"Anonymous" wrote:
one should look at ebay vll. Poland to look.

One should perhaps times people who have so much prejudice put fully what drüber fry the brain so that it Castelrotto times graderückt.

Antwort von flipmo:

"rptelevision" wrote:

I any case I would not be too surprised if the goods are actually offered at Ebay.

Had quite stupid. If the serial numbers s.der real body, so are the latest things at the next service "off". NIKON has something for years.
But I hope I would not make the Zeuch goes for little cash s.irgendeinen idiot at a flea market. If your wiederseht because what, it was only by chance and after years ... isses so sorry ...

Antwort von flipmo:

"Slit ears and thieves" was meant ironically.

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