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Frage von Holidaymaker:

Hello together

I tried to get through the search function to the desired information, but was not looking for.
I want to buy me my first camcorder, and after the study's comparisons of test reports and will probably be one of these three:

Panasonic HDC-HS300 / Canon HG21 / SonyHDR-XR520VE

But I can not decide yet. The Sonyscheint have the best image quality, but it s.wenigsten (or s.schlechtesten-use) manual controls. There seems to be Panasonic top, but (with the worst picture quality?). The Canon in between each.
The image stabilization on the Canon will not be so great (?)

In photography, I work with a DSLR and use the manual controls quite freely and attach importance to good image quality. When shooting, I will probably leave me first on the automatic, but with time I will find favor, perhaps synonymous s.manuellen Set when to rise and experience requirements.
I plan to film vsmeine (small) children, pets and the holidays.

Can you tell me your experience with these cams, maybe someone more synonymous than one of them tested and can compare them directly?

I am very grateful to you for your answers.

Greeting, Holiday Maker


Antwort von naweko:

Does it have to be a strictly with hard drive? I ordered after a long deliberation, the HDC-TM350. They will come tomorrow in earnest. The second choice for me would probably have been Canon S11 of the RF. Both are wrong with an internal 64GB memory fitted, which is enough to me full. The data should not even be archived on the camera. And for reviews of my knowledge, none of the above is after three cameras in front. If one, then of Panasonic HDC-SD300. Which is much cheaper than the HS300, and with 16GB card for 850 euro to get to. The test films in Netzt of Panasonic and Canon have fallen on average s.besten me. Actually, I am a Sony-boyfriend. But not with these cameras.


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