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Neukauf Camcorder geeignet für PC Leistung?

Buying camcorder suitable for PC performance?

Frage von Quickipower:
August 2008

Hello Forum Users,

I intend to me in the near future a new camcorder to get the synonymous HD recordings can be.
My old Digital 8 has Sony325 then exhausted.

I have read many times that the PC is synonymous to a very large role when it comes together later then cut / edit a movie's done.
I liebäugle with the following cameras:
Canon HF 100
HV 30
the two new Panasonic HDC 100

With the cut, I have not much experience, use the Windows Movie Maker program synonymous with whom I get along very well.

My question now, between my PC configuration already camcorder with AVCHD from?

My PC Data:
Intel Dual Core CPU 6600
1GB Ram
Grafig card Radeon X1950 Pro 510MB

The following assessment of the Vista performance information:
Processor 5.3 points
RAM 4.5 points
Grafig 5.9 points
Grafig games 5.8 points
Primary hard drive 5.6 points

Can anyone give any advice for what kind of camcorder is the better for this PC would zusammenstellung?

Among the many possibilities of the camera must of course first a directive (HDV or AVCHD) can be fixed before then watch some camcorder benauer in question would go.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Antwort von Zizi:

Forget AVCHD!
Why is this format sooogut sold me is a great .. all AVCHD buyers know how deal with the format should I doubt ..
Apparently people just want more cams where they all decrease the Automatic viewfinders and no offers, incidentally, does not allow editing. Primarily they can shitty 10 MP pictures and lächel recognition .. now lacks only the Tittn ass-recognition, 40 mio noise sensor and an MP3 player integrated UMTS / Games for functional dan 499 ¬ would be the perfect camera for the normal consumer OTTO (seemingly) AVCHD course synonymous ...
The last good camera under 2000 ¬ was the 500th Panasonic GS the rest so far in the HD camp was great and just full of garbage and the handling equipment. I myself have had 4 AVCHD cams to test and finds frankly sucks ..
Purchase you the HV30 or the SonyHC9.
The JVC HD7 wär da synonymous nor has tips and Handling Equipment Top .. only the image quality, especially in Lowlight is shitty.
The HDV / Mpeg2 format should be synonymous to your Movie Maker to work.

Antwort von Daigoro:

A Pressetyp of Sony (or Canon? Or Panasonic?) Has even recently confirmed that the new Consumercams be developed for people who are not post-process and where everything is about convenience.

If you have your movie with only the rudimentary camera editing functions zurechtstutzt own and then go s.den Television, isses synonymous probably no preference as to the nachzubearbeiten would be burdensome.

With a similar configuration I have - after some testing with a range of source material - for HDV decided, because I actually quite like to follow and be happy with the color correction and other scenes / project lengths rummache filters. Since HDV is still bearable grad and I need not have to upgrade and when I upgraded the benefits synonymous HDV editing them.

Antwort von wolfgang:

According to a now older polls Mart, which has called Canopus times, seem to only 8% of all buyers of your camcorder, which has a cut out. That should not have changed, and for me the only thing synonymous to understand: the material of entrants to be cut, with all the mistakes the way the s.Anfang happen is brutally hard - and additionally, it is very time-stop.

That the industry is geared s.derartigen figures - so I am not surprised. Is correct but that AVCHD can cut very well - but with greater effort, only natively on fast PCs ala quad, and only with some specific editing programs (Pinnacle Studio 12 +, Power Director 7, Vegas Movie Studio 9 and Vegas Pro 8).

Quick Power can be given its PC equipment, however, only guess at times HDV to stay - it is certainly easier. The cut of AVCHD on the device would most over Intermediates files go, and then, but this requires the use of cutting programs such as Canopus Canopus Edius NEO or, both the Canopus HQ codec mitbrigen. Or you use Converter to get the material into other converts Intermediate codecs (such as the Panasonic converter, the preference is with Panasonic camcorders is synonymous with tricks with other AVCHD devices, or as the VASST tool AVCUpshift).

So there are solutions very well, but they are specifically covered as well require a certain amount of additional expense and usually fast PC.

An interesting solution might in fact the JVC camcorder, as this record mpeg2 boards - the JVC HD6 or have already mentioned, older HD7. In fact, synonymous with the JVC HD40 is a device s.Markt which both mpeg2 as synonymous AVCHD can - maybe that's a very interesting option, because you were given access to two recording formats has first to mpeg2 can stay, and later (with a newer PC) to AVCHD can change.

Consider value would be the PC yet another spendier RAM - 1 GB but it's rather low, no preference for the HD-cut. And if you intensively server that comes at some point probably a new PC anyway, I guess times.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"wolfgang" wrote:
According to a now older polls Mart, which has called Canopus times, seem to only 8% of all buyers of your camcorder, which has a cut out. That should not have changed, and for me the only thing synonymous to understand: the material of entrants to be cut, with all the mistakes the way the s.Anfang happen is brutally hard - and additionally, it is very time-stop.

That the industry is geared s.derartigen figures - so I am not surprised.

It has become so synonymous little s.Workflow changed - perhaps because you can start.
DV really comfortable material * * (and without expensive additional hardware) cut is so synonymous only since the introduction of the two-core Intel / AMD - before it was rather Muehsam and slow - that is never really so smart, how's the full video product has seen.

And the hardware can barely keep up, they are again overwhelmed with new material .. If I were cynical, I would intend to make - a satisfied customer so desires not by new buyers. : P

Antwort von wolfgang:

So since most times you would have to define what is with "comfort cut" exactly means. For me warens primary hard cuts, color occasionally if needed (for 2-camera projects often stop), most modest compositing, a maximum aperture and title halt. Very rarely specific about how the color to spice it up a single color on the Secondary Color Corrector in Vegas.

That was actually for SD / DV on a 3.2 Ghz P4 1 Ghz for my feelings with Sony Vegas very comfortable, synonymous with no additional hardware. And Vegas is relatively low hardware requirements s.die.

On the system I have even the first HDV projects cut, quad came up - stop in reduced Resolutionbei the Echzeitvorschau. The render times were holding huge, for a project in HDV blubox the box by 2 days (!) Rendered.

And today with a Quad Q6600, hochgetaktet at 3.3 Ghz, sometimes just a 1920s AVCHD natively track in real time during cutting. Ok, the Manufacturer of the editing programs are as yet nachbessern - a bit of what will still be inside.

It's all relative.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"wolfgang" wrote:
So since most times you would have to define what is with "comfort cut" exactly means.

As written above: what is the promotional video looks. :)
And especially with all the real-time preview.
Hard cuts and ne color correction processing s.Ende was already - but woe betide you, the color correction and then s.Anfang made with Effektuebergaengen next ... the hours-long rendering of the final product was more than the cherry on the cream cake.

With current processors and SD material can be so practically to work as you want (or do not know better - the 91% that do not intersect are hardly synonymous Slashcam read:).

Antwort von wolfgang:

"Daigoro" wrote:

As written above: what is the promotional video looks. :)

I think this is excessive - if you know how intense the post for high-quality promotional videos expires. This is pure compositing.

Antwort von Quickipower:

I first thank you very much for the very informative's New!

So I will then but for the system is "HDV" decide. Look synonymous me your suggestions s.was the JVC is concerned. The I had not yet in the close election withdrawn.

What I noticed in the past but compare between Cam's .... The Canon (HV20 HV30) appears in the picture captured the other manufacturers to be superior. An argument for me buying the products for Canon.
The comparative list here in this forum is because each mange drüber info. I will therefore synonymous now with the JVC models include and look like it with those looks.

The PC, I only did one years and had therefore not get a new one, and it is therefore necessary to adjust the cam :-)
But I'm going to get an additional "lock" to get to 2GB hochzu equip.

Thank you first!

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