Infoseite // By MarketWatch logo / field of video "wegspiegeln"?

Frage von Knorpelkeule:


I am rather inexperienced in AFX and hope someone here explain to me how I can make a content, bsp a logo / watermark reflected away.

All this would roughly look like this.

In this example I used the Gaussian Blur Effect.
However, it has so ugly and especially conspicuous edges around the place. It also reflects not only blurred but makes the field.

That is not the desired result, I get what want.

I am looking for an easy method (; If it works without plugins) the outside to the inside to reflect. Here is a bsp:

So there are virtually s.der the pixels are distorted outside to the inside to simulate in the field, an identical color.

I think there is a plugin which is called Xlogo woman can do it in VDub.
Seeking a way to things done in AU if somehow goes without plugins.

Thank you in advance:)


Antwort von Knorpelkeule:

Nobody s plan? : (


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