Infoseite // CANON EOS 7D or Sony HDR XR520V FOR MUSIC VIDEO?

Frage von Plaza10:

Wants to make a music video and after all, and her outward reflection remain only two options left dise.

CANON EOS 7D or Sony HDR 520VE

WHAT do you think?

Lieben Gruß!


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

No matter which camera, for you, there s.and dealing with the art.


Antwort von heide:

you can drive your golf synonymous with formula 1


Antwort von Morton:

In a music video from the artistic point of view, I would tend in any case, the 7D (or any DSLR). In the music video You have a lot of cuts, many small clips, you can fine with blur blur and depth of play and work out things.

In a documentary I would not choose a DSLR, but for music video media, it is well suited.



Antwort von Mink:

"Heather" wrote: you can drive your golf synonymous with formula 1

Fantastic first contribution! For so nen sentence is worth the whole Anmelderei here ... Congratulations! ;)


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