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Frage von casjenennen:


hab ne XL1 borrowed and wrote a sch ... Sound. Have the standard directional micro Supplied tuned and have a loud noise on the Headphones and the band. While the Micro works. ith the noise but I can not live. But no tape hiss or something .... somebody has similar problems? ß




Antwort von yubi:

Hi synonymous Have a XL1S!

Question: What For a directional micro?, Is it decouples Camera dHsder stored or rubber-s.Micro gallows, What is it with Mindschutz from?

These were all my mistakes:
1. This will be possible to decouple no engine noise (ZOOM) on the Micro transferred. and ran as close as possible to your destination!

2. Windscreen: Even barely perceptible wind leads to noise, by a windbreak Rovotex (gibts synonymous of other manufacturers) to match the micro (for me Beyerdynamic MCE 86 SII) I had the Rotate s.der Baltic Sea in November and only the wave of noise and not the Wind noise on it yet.

I hope I could help ...

Oh yes Windscreen: Beware of animals! This pleased the windshield trying to eat! Then maybe not so close rang, or failing to have ..


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