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Frage von mazespace:


I edit M2TS files of the HMC151 with Premiere CS4 (, V 4.2).

My question: How do I get a clean export to DV AVI to widescreen, although I've left and right black bars? Do I get the pixel aspect ratio difference at all in some way corrected? Until now I always put in the Project to an SD sequence, then put the HD sequence, a scale and it was 82%. That may be but not for long.

Incidentally, I have always had problems when exporting with Bildrucklern and artifacts. Somehow the whole thing IMHO not mature ...




Antwort von koji:

ahh ... what is the meaning of HD is to edit footage in DV?

why do not you do it this way:

- Via Media Encoder, AVC to DV PAL
Import - that issue, done.

have smoother cut and you can save time and worse.


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