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Frage von kasprikki1:

Hi @ all.

I clicked after Google, the search in the forum and my book and I could not help me without success through the program (Premiere Pro CS5), I now open this new thread ..

I just want to save the project, I am stupid enough to come close to.
if I now open this project, it loads everything up according to status at the bottom left busy - only shown me is absolutely nothing.

what can I do to make me back everything will be shown regularly? Thanks for your help!



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Kuck times in the Windos> application files> Premiere whether dortt or just somewhere in the temp folder is a premiere BackUp.

Otherwise create ALWAYS> Project and every 2 - 3 min click "Ctrl + S", which must be in quassi jegglichen Progis a habit.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Animark:

You can try synonymous to create a new Premiere Project, and the old as to import pure. With the cure works projects, at least.

Of these synonymous s.gibts a car-safe feature so that the Ctrl-S Finger abnudeln not.


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